Meet the Exec

Warwick Labour is run by its executive committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of term 2 or beginning of term 3. Caucus officers are elected within autonomous caucuses. The current exec as elected in March 2020 is as follows:

Chair – Nazifa Zaman


Hey I’m Nazifa (she/her) and I’m chair of the society this year! I’m a History and Politics student and also co-ethnic minorities Officer at Warwick Students’ Union. In my role as chair, I work with the exec to ensure that our activities are planned out and run smoothly. I was elected on a platform of increased political education which centres marginalised communities. If you have any questions about the society or any suggestions feel free to get in touch! Solidarity

Twitter: @communaz_


Deputy Chair and Women’s Officer – Hannah Corsini119512167_344418300013792_5994681636567294239_n

Hi, I’m Hannah (she/her) , and I’m the Women’s officer and deputy chair. I’m a second year biology student and I care a lot about the links between feminism, socialism and the environment. My role is to organise events and meetings for women and non-binary members. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or concerns

Treasurer – Will Lamb119552951_324400262340867_4151332164320583512_n

Hi, I’m Will (he/him), the Treasurer of the society and a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Student passionate about campaigning for socialism and liberation. My role is to set the society’s budget and provide funds for events, speakers, and the annual Red tie dinner. I’m always open and interested to hear suggestions about the future of the society, and how they can be financed.

Secretary –  Callum Doherty119444962_861628287577595_2159552704301775372_n

Hi, I’m Callum (he/him), a second year PPL student and the secretary of the society. It’s my role to organise and record executive meetings so feel free to ask me anything about how the society works.

Talks & Events Officers – Currently vacant

Internal Campaigns and Trade Union Officers – Jude Wilkinson

External Campaigns Officer – Fraser Amos119790878_1048024962333167_6004853959212189535_n

Hi i’m Fraser, my pronouns are he/him and i’m external campaigns officer for the society. I’m a final year Global Sustainable Development student, socialist labour party activist and I’ve been involved in Warwick Labour for a few years. Feel free to message me if you want to get involved in society & campaigning

Twitter: @comradefraz

Social Secretary – Joe Baird119436635_329617234823179_4972791013915670043_n

Hi! I’m Joe (he/him) , a third year History and Politics Student and your Social Secretary for this year. I’ll be aiming in spite of the unusual circumstances, to run a variety of socials this year, to ensure that society members have time to relax and get to know eachother better. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me don’t hesitate to get in touch

Instagram: @joewbaird

Welfare Officer – Esme Gower119603771_328065371970312_7694022747535412121_n

Hiya my name’s Esme (she/her) I’m the welfare officer and I’m a second year studying Art History. I’m responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of our members and making our events inclusive and accessible so please feel free to message me if you have any concerns.

Disability and Mental Health Officer – Julian Sadie119120042_374228903574393_8708316738115298817_n

Hi I’m Julian and I’m a second year discrete maths student. I’m your disability and mental health officer for this year so please feel free to message me if you identify as a member of the caucus and need help with anything

BAME Officers – Chayne Hogan (right) and Aqsa Akhtar (left)


Hey everyone! Our names are Chayne (he/him) and Aqsa (she/her) and we’re your Co-BAME officers for 2020-21. We aim to provide a hospitable and inclusive environment for all our BAME members by offering an open and safe place for discussion and airing of any concerns. We have exciting plans coming up so please feel free to get involved. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you identify as BAME and have any questions

Communications Officer – Rowan MoorsomIMG_8014

Hi, I’m Rowan (they/them), the Communications officer. I’m a third-year maths student and also interested in socialism and working for a better society. My role is to help run our social media accounts and website and respond to messages

Twitter: @postrockgrandpa

Trans Officer – Ish Tominey-Nevadoish website

Hi, I’m Ish (they/them), your Trans Officer and I’m a third-year PAIS student passionate about socialism and queer liberation! My role is to organise interesting and fun events throughout the year for the Trans caucus, and to ensure that our society always supports its trans members.

LGBTQ+ Officers – Aisa Loose and Kinga Kowalewska

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