Meet the Exec

Warwick Labour is run by its executive committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of term 2 or beginning of term 3. The current exec (2018-19) are as follows:

 – Fraser Amosfraser-e1526373171902.jpg

Hey! I’m Fraser (pronouns he/him), I’m a 2nd-year Global Sustainable Development student and a committed socialist. As your Chair, it’s my job to coordinate all the activities of the society with the rest of our executive committee as well as to set the strategy and direction of the society. I see it as my job to ensure that Warwick Labour is democratic, liberated and socialist. That means an open, accessible society, so if you have any ideas, issues or anything at all, please get in touch! Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

Deputy Chair and Treasurer – Megan Clarkefb-profile-photo.jpg

Hi, I’m Megan, your Labour Society Treasurer! In this role I search for sources of income, make sure people are reimbursed for society expenses and generally manage our financial accounts. Don’t worry I’m not too tight!

Talks & Events Officer – Amin Lmohamin

Hi I’m Amin and I’m your Talks & Events officer. I’m in charge of our weekly discussion event Labour Chats as well as setting up speaker events for our members.


Internal Campaigns Officer – Emma Coleman coleman

As Internal Campaigns Officer, i’m in charge of organising Warwick Labour’s priority campaigns on campus and participation with the SU, in order to further our members’ and the party’s interests. As Deputy Chair Emma assists the Chair in formulating a strategy, reviewing and upholding the constitution and maintaining in close contact with Warwick Labour’s members.

External Campaigns Officer – Ant Tuckerimage.png

As External Campaigns Officer, I am responsible for all the society’s campaigning off campus and working with local CLPs to help get Labour candidates elected. I also organise any days campaigning away from Coventry and Leamington, travelling to by-elections the length of the country.

Publicity Officer – Jayanti Popkin29594642_1809582952425461_3423008693228178623_n.jpg

Hi, i’m Jay and i’m the society’s Publicity Officer. I run the website and blog as well as just sorta existing. Also responsible for creating the occasional meme.

Social Secretary and Women’s Officer – Alice Dermody-Palmer25289492_1985863711638443_6639897441624728669_n

I’m the Women’s Officer and the Social Sec. As the Women’s Officer I work with the other liberation officers to help make the society as inclusive as possible, over the year I hope to get more caucus members involved in the society.

As social sec I have the joy of planning all the great socials that we run as a society such as dress as a Tory, this year I hope to introduce a greater mix of socials!

Secretary – Nathan Boroda Nathan

I’m a second-year History student and was the Jewish Labour Movement Young Activist of the Year in 2017. As Secretary, I am responsible for organising and minuting the Executive’s meetings and co-ordinating internal elections.


Welfare Officer – Adam Khan

I’m Adam, the welfare officer for Warwick Labour. As the inaugural holder of my position in the society exec, I’m still in the process of working out exactly what a welfare officer does. That said, I see my role as making sure the society is inclusive and welcoming as possible, and responding to incidents when they occur. If you are a member of the society and have a welfare concern relating to Warwick Labour please contact me by emailing (only myself and the Chair have access to this account) and, if you feel comfortable, cc in I’m in my third year at Warwick studying Economics, and am an active member of the Labour party.

Social Media Officer – K. Lawson

Hi, I’m Keir, I’m the social media officer. It’s my job to keep everyone informed about our events, campaigns and other info. I’m always welcome to suggestions and content so send it our way, and follow us at, @WarwickLabour!

Disability and Mental Health Officer – Jacob Kinsella

Hi, I’m Jay (pronouns they/them) I’m your disability and mental health exec member for 2018/19. I’m from Bolton, near Manchester and I’m a first year Sociology undergrad. My main goal as disability and mental health exec is to work with other exec members in order to ensure that Warwick Labour is a welcoming and accessible society for all, regardless of physical, mental or emotional need. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any ideas, need any support either with getting university support or support within the society or would like to be added to the caucus Facebook group!

LGBTQ+ Officer – Ish Tominey-Nevado

BAME Officers 

Naz Zaman50074688_1200351880116373_2998068995753508864_n

Hi, I’m Nazifa, a first year History and Politics student and co-officer of the BAME caucus. Over the year I hope to increase participation of BAME members in the society and to raise awareness of issues concerning people of colour, ensuring liberation is at the heart of everything we do.

Om Dave49836995_334879033779435_1390020741776277504_n

I ran for the position of the BAME officer because I wanted (and still do want) greater BAME participation within the Warwick Labour Society and generally within Politics, so that it represents and reflects the society at large. Representing the BAME community thus far has been a great privilege and I hope to serve them with equal diligence in the future.


Members without portfolio

David Brown33305588_10211778215519958_5052226663723565056_n

Hi, my name is David (he/him) and I’m a 4th year (ish – it’s complicated) Maths student. I’m an exec member without portfolio, which means I have the best title for the least responsibility! Joking aside, my role is to support the exec with their endeavours generally, and my main interests lie in welfare issues and inclusivity in our practice. Get in touch if you fancy a chat about memes or lefty politics.

George Ridley


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