Meet the Exec

Warwick Labour is run by its executive committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of term 2 or beginning of term 3. Caucus officers are elected within autonomous caucuses. The current exec as elected on the 11th of March 2019 is as follows:


Co-chairs – Megan Clarke & Fraser Amos

meganFraser website.png

Hey I’m Fraser (he/him) this is my 2nd year helping chair the society! I’m a global sustainable development finalist, labour activist and socialist. It’s my job to coordinate all the political and other activities of the society with the exec. Looking forward to meeting you and feel free to dm me if you have any questions about the society or getting involved 🌹 x

Hi everyone! I’m Megan, a third year history student and your Warwick Labour Co-Chair. Alongside Fraser, I will be leading the society and helping to run our many events from campaigning to socials and everything in between. I was elected on a mandate to make Warwick Labour more democratic, liberated and socialist and this is what I’ll be doing. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to contact me! 

Deputy Chair and Co-BAME Officer – Nazifa Zaman

naz website

Hi! I’m Nazifa, a second year History and Politics student. I’m your deputy chair this year which means I’ll be helping our lovely co-chairs with their responsibilities as well as ensuring that as an exec, we adhere the to society’s constitution. I’m also one of your BAME officers. I’m dedicated to increase the number of BAME members who are active in our society through holding events which are more tailored to the experience of ethnic minorities, ensuring that our socials are accessible for caucus members and helping members become more confident with campaigning on the doorstep. Feel free drop me a message if you have any suggestions for the caucus! X

Treasurer – Neil Beckett

Secretary – Amin Lmoh

amin website

Hi, my name is Amin, I’m a third year computer science student and I’m the secretary of the society. My job ranges from scheduling and recording the minutes of executive meetings, to organising the society’s internal elections. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the executive committee or any internal procedures! (or the best bars in Leam 😉)

Talks & Events Officer – Ish Tominey-Nevado

ish website

Hi, I’m Ish, your Talks and Events Officer and I’m a second year PAIS student passionate about socialism and queer liberation!  My role is to organise interesting and fun events throughout the year, supporting our Caucus officers in their events and ensuring our events reflect the value we place on accessibility and inclusivity. Let me know if you have any suggestions! ❤

Internal Campaigns and Trade Union Officer – James Holland

james website

Hi, I’m James (he/him), a 3rd year politics student and your Internal Campaigns Officer. I want to make Warwick Labour a strong socialist voice on campus, both through the SU and running our own campaigns. I look forward to getting everyone involved to destroy the neoliberal university!


Social Secretary – Kieron Warren

kieron website.png

Hi I’m Kieron! A Politics and International Studies student. As Social Secretary, I hope to ensure that Warwick Labour has an array of different social events where members can enjoy themselves and let their hair down. If you have any ideas for social events or queries about upcoming events, feel free to get in touch!




Welfare Officer – Aminah Saleem

aminah website

Hey I’m Aminah and I’m your new welfare officer. I’m a third year Education Studies student who aims to help children with additional needs and eventually become an educational psychologist. As your welfare officer my main aim is to make the society a welcoming environment so all feel supported and safe regardless of background. If you have any problems or even suggestions feel free to contact me and I’ll ensure they’re all heard.


Disability and Mental Health Officer – Jay Kinsella

jay website

Hi, I’m Jay and I’m your Disability and Mental Health Officer for 2019-20. I’m a Second Year Sociology Student with an interest in Sexual and Social Inequalities. Please feel free to message me if you identify as a member of the caucus or if you need help and support around these issues in any way!



LGBTQ+ Officer – Tam-lin Moonstone

Tam-line website

Heyy, I’m Tam-lin, your LGBTQ+ officer at Warwick Labour. Labour politics is an important means of improving the lives of people in our community, contact me if you’d like to get involved in some Queer activism or if you have any problems settling in. I am also Warwick Pride President of Strategy where I oversee welfare, campaigning and communities so may well see you there as well. Hope to see you soon.
N.B. My hair probably isn’t this colour anymore!

BAME Officers – Nazifa Zaman and Om Dave


Hi, I’m Om – a second year PPE student. I ran for the position of the BAME officer because I want greater BAME participation within the Warwick Labour Society and generally within Politics so that it represents and reflects the society at large. Representing the BAME community thus far has been a great privilege and I hope to serve them with equal diligence in the future.


External Campaigns Officer – TBC

Communications Officer – TBC

Womens Officer – TBC

Trans Officer – TBC





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