Democracy & Constitution

For the first time, we as a society are making our own Constitution available to both our own members and everyone else for greater transparency into how we operate and for your information. It can be accessed here:

Warwick Labour Constitution

Furthermore, the Labour Executive want site users to be able to see the minutes recorded in our meetings as a way to show what we’re planning for the society as a whole. These can be found below:

Minutes 31/01/19

minutes 01-11-2018

Minutes- 06_11_18

Minutes 07_02_19

Minutes 11_01_19

Minutes 19_02_19

Minutes- 20_11_18

Minutes- 22_01_19

Minutes 29_11_18

Minutes 2018-10-11

Minutes: 15/03/18

Minutes: 15/03/17

Minutes: 13/04/17

Minutes: 27/04/17

Minutes: 05/05/17

Minutes: 02/05/17

Exec review of Extraordinary General Meeting – 12/05/17

Minutes: 17/05/17

Minutes: 24/05/17

Minutes; 16/06/17

Minutes: 22/06/17

Minutes: 31/08/17

Minutes: 03/10/17

Minutes: 13/10/17

Minutes: 19/10/17

Minutes: 24/10/17

Minutes: 03/11/17

Minutes: 15/11/17

Minutes: 21/11/17

Minutes: 30/11/17

Minutes: 05/12/17

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