Please note, for a full history of the society and to see details of our upcoming events, please check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/WarwickLabour The University of Warwick was formerly known as “Red Warwick” for its political activism and radical politics. Today it is one of the most business orientated universities in Britain but the passion for politics exists still. Warwick Labour has existed in many forms throughout Warwick’s short history. However in 2007 the club became inactive. In early 2008 Rory Kinane and Ben Nolan began steps to provisionally take over the club and rehabilitate it. By May 2008 they had officially reformed the club and elected a new exec of ten people. Since then Warwick Labour has grown significantly and is the most active of political societies at Warwick with events almost every week, from our ‘Lefty Lattes’ policy discussions, talks from MPs and influential figures, and most importantly campaigning in Coventry and Leamington, as we co-ordinate closely with local Labour parties,  MPs and councillors.

In October 2010 Warwick Labour became an affiliate of the Co-Operative Party. The Co-Operative movement has a long-standing tradition of affiliation with the Labour Party in sharing the same values and principles. There are many  “Labour & Co-Op” MPs, MSPs, MEPs, Councillors, Assembly Members and Peers who stand for mutualism and ethical production of goods as well as democratic accountability of commerce. The club has grown rapidly since its reformation. In June 2013 the Club held a ‘Red Tie Dinner’ in Leamington Spa which over forty comrades attended, and heard excellent speeches from some of the people who helped rebuild the club from its lowest ebb, such as Baris Yerli, Anna Chowcat, Ben Jones, Kieren Mollison and James Entwistle. The strength and influence of the club today is testament to their hard work and commitment.

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