Society Elections

The rules for election to the Warwick Labour Executive Committee are as follows, the date of which is usually in the latter half of the second term. If you would like any further information regarding standing for positions in Warwick Labour feel free to get in touch.

Any paid-up member of Warwick Labour can nominate themselves for election, and you can stand for up to two positions, but please remember to make clear your first and second preference.

As well as self-nomination, please feel free to nominate other people for positions who you think would make a valuable contribution to the running of Warwick Labour. These nominations will remain anonymous, and the nominee will be contacted and asked if they are willing to stand for the position.

Please also aware that if you wish to be elected as a committee member, you do not need to be nominated in advance. Nominations for the Committee places (of which there are up to 4) will be taken from the floor on the night of the elections following the results of the other elections.

On the day of the Annual General Meeting all candidates will be invited to make a speech of a maximum 3 minutes in length, and then questions will be taken from the floor.

If you wish to submit a nomination, please send an email to our society account when nominations are open.

If you are unable to attend the elections, you can still stand for positions and can submit a written statement that will be read out on the night. However, you can only vote if you are present at the meeting.



12 voting officers:

a)      Chair

The leader of the Society and Chair of the Executive Committee. Has the responsibility to monitor, coordinate and review the work of all Executive and non-Executive Officers. The ultimate spokesperson for the Society to the Students’ Union, the University and the outside community. The Vice Chair carries out these roles when the chair is unavailable.

b)     External Campaigns Officer

Responsible for co-ordinating with local Labour Parties the club’s campaigning activities on behalf of the Labour Party.

c)      Internal Campaigns Officer

Responsible for organising both the club’s campaigning efforts within the Students’ Union and priority campaigns, namely at least one per term of office.

d)     Secretary

Responsible for scheduling and recording the minutes of executive meetings, and organising the society’s internal elections and elections to Labour Students delegations.

e)      Treasurer

Responsible for the club’s finances and funding as per Students’ Union obligations.

f)       Publicity Officer

Responsible for promoting the club’s activities through posters, social media and keeping members informed of the society’s activities.

g)      Social Secretary

Responsible for organising the club’s social events.

h)     Talks Officer

Responsible for organising talks and panels comprised of external speakers, and internal non-social events.

i)        up to 4 liberation officers, namely a Women’s Officer, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Officer, a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity (BAME) Officer and a Disabled Officer

Responsible for representing the interests of liberation groups both within and without of the society.

j)        If any of the four liberation offices are not filled, or if they are filled by anyone elected to roles a) to h), up to four general committee members elected at large until we have 12 exec members in total.

Responsible for assisting the executive members with portfolios in any way possible. Similarly, executive members should endeavour to work together on all projects and share knowledge and expertise.


These elections take place in the following order:

1)      Roles a) to h) elected by the whole membership

2)      Liberation offices are elected by self-defining liberation caucuses

3)      Committee members to achieve 12 exec members, by the whole membership


N.B. The role of Vice Chair will be elected within the exec following the completion of these elections. Any exec member not already holding two roles may stand for this position as long as they are not a self-defining male and the chair is also a self-defining male

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