Support Services at Warwick

We at Warwick Labour hope you’ve really enjoyed Freshers and are settling in to uni, or to your new accommodation if you’re returning! Now we kick off with the rest of the year, and we want to address a question not a lot of us want to think about, but that’s still useful to have the answers to – What if things go wrong? Luckily, there are many support services available to help! See bottom for a full list of links.


In your department, there are a number of people who may be able to help you. Your Personal Tutor is a good port of call for academic issues, or any other issues that you’d like some help with. They may well have had students with similar problems in the past and know where to refer you to for help. Each department also has a senior tutor who is responsible for pastoral care – you can also talk to them. Your director of undergraduate studies (DUGS) may also be able to help.


Campus has a health centre for all your medical needs – pop by and register if you’re living on campus, it’s on Health Centre Road between Bluebell, Rootes and Jack Martin. They have a range of professionals available there, including Dr Chaudhri who takes Mental Health appointments regularly. The nearest Pharmacy is in the SU Atrium, with friendly and understanding staff. The University also offers a counselling service based in Westwood, you can register for an appointment and get counselling to help with any problems you might be having. You can also get in touch with Wellbeing Support Services, who can help you access all sorts of support for your personal wellbeing. Disability Services will be happy to help you with getting reasonable adjustments based on a disability, and are in general very helpful to be in contact with.


The SU offers a variety of support. The SU Advice Centre has trained debt advisors, and in general can offer great advice on any problems you might be having, helping you find a solution that works for you and your wellbeing. The SU is also a reporting centre for hate crimes, and works against sexual violence. The SU has many part time officers as well as sabbatical officers. In particular, these include liberation officers for students who self identify as Trans, LGBTUA+, Disabled, Ethnic Minority or Women. There are also faculty officers, as well as officers for part time and mature students and international students. Warwick Nightline provides a listening service each night if you need someone to talk to anonymously – this is run by students of the university who are well trained as listeners.


There are various other university organisations that can help with specific issues. The Chaplaincy is available for the use of students of all faiths and none, and provides a friendly community. Security are able to help with any problems on campus, and if you need emergency services, you should call their emergency number – they will guide them on to and around campus. The International Office is also around to help with things like visas.


Wellbeing Support Services:


Health Centre:

SU Advice Centre:


Warwick Accommodation:

Security: (Note several numbers good to have saved in your phone.

Disability Services:


International Office:


Students with Dependants:

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