Being A Warwick Labour Fresher by Megan Clarke

42412940_282706765670289_6969512039026786304_n.jpgIf you’re anything like me, and the hundreds of thousands of people who embark on a degree each year, you’re incredibly daunted by the experience of meeting so many new people in such quick succession during your first weeks at university. It was reassuring that in joining Warwick Labour I would find other people that shared my values and I was in no way disappointed by those who have since become some of my closest friends.


I had been a member of the Labour Party for about two years before coming to Warwick but had never got more involved than this. You’d therefore be as surprised as my younger self to discover that I’m now Deputy Chair and Treasurer of the University of Warwick Labour Society with hours of door knocking experience under my belt. Warwick Labour’s Freshers events were obviously vital in this huge development, especially the women’s caucus meetings led by Carys (who unfortunately is abroad this year) which were the only thing I attended for the first few weeks. They made be so much more comfortable and confident to attend wider events. If you identify as female or non-binary myself and your Women’s Officer Alice would love to see you at our weekly meetings. You can contact her on Facebook at Alice Dermody-Palmer along with all of the other caucus officers: LGBT Officer Fraser Amos, BAME Officer Amin Lmoh and our Disability and Mental Health Officer Hamza Qazi.


After a few weeks of just attending women’s caucus meetings Carys finally persuaded me to come to Labour Chats (or as it was formerly called Lefty Lattes) our weekly policy discussion group which usually took place straight after. I didn’t talk at them for a while due to my lack of confidence but even then it was great to hear people’s varied opinions on an abundance of topics that concern the Labour Party and its members such as foreign policy interventionism. As you can see these do not require you to be a member of the party so please come along anyway! Once I became comfortable with the wider community of Warwick Labour (and nights out in general) I began to look into what socials they were holding. These included Pop! at the SU and Kasbah in Coventry, nights that were made so much more accessible by the fact that there is always a non-drinking exec member and contingent, especially good for someone who doesn’t like to drink that much (me!).


Warwick Labour has given me friends for life, confidence and so many ideas for what I can do with my life after university – I wouldn’t change it for the world! The exec and wider membership look forward to meeting you at our various Freshers events such as Kasbah and our Charity Shop Crawl. We will endeavour to make your time with us as great as all of ours has been.


You can:

visit our website at

find us on Facebook at University of Warwick Labour Society

follow us on Twitter @WarwickLabour


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