Warwick Labour, the General Election, and You

By Nathan Lavenstein, Secretary of Warwick Labour Society.

So, Term 3 is looking a little busier than I expected. When Theresa May announced June 8th’s general election Tuesday morning, I was surprised but not entirely shocked. My plans for the day involved a trip to Birmingham for an event with Siôn Simon’s mayoral campaign. As I stepped onto the train, I received a message that the event was off, as everyone’s plans shifted around the sudden news -suddenly, everyone’s schedules have become entirely too busy! Today, we received confirmation that our upcoming visit from Dan Jarvis has been postponed. Only a few of our socials are still on, thankfully including Pop! in Week 3 – see you all there!

Today, the exec held a meeting to discuss our plans for the upcoming weeks. It goes without saying that campaigning will be a major theme. Coventry South is Labour’s 39th most vulnerable seat, so a push for student voter registration will be vital. A fortnight of activity was already planned for May’s local elections; it remains to be seen how this will mesh with the plans for the general. Come election day, Warwick Labour will be out in force as always, fighting the Conservatives for every vote. If you’ve been thinking about getting more involved with campaigning, this is the perfect time. Tom, our fabulous external campaigns officer, will be co-ordinating events – expect events to be posted on the FB page as always. Campaigning is a fantastic way to put words into action and support the Party where it counts, and usually a pretty good laugh in the process! I hope to see as many of you as possible on the Labour doorstep.

However, it’s also very important that members don’t feel obliged to give up time they don’t have as exam season approaches. This is particularly true for second-years, whose exams are slap-bang in the middle of it, (I have four exams myself in the week of the vote, including one on the day of the vote), but also for everyone else – plenty of exams fall during the local election campaign as well. Warwick Labour is first and foremost a student society, and as students, we all have enough things to worry about this time of year. As a society and as an exec, we have a duty to look out for our members’ welfare first and foremost, and the last thing we want is members feeling they have to choose between campaigning and their exams. Many people, myself included, will be taking time off even at the campaign’s busiest in order to focus on their studies. And that’s absolutely fine. Here’s my message to members: come along to all the campaigning you can fit in – but not a minute more besides.

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