Warwick Labour Speaks – Education

• Lynnette Kelly, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Warwick and Leamington
• Becky Gittins, Chair of Warwick Labour
• Josh Abey, External Campaigns Officer,
• Matthew Pearce, Internal Campaigns Officer

Questions submitted:
• Should we abolish tuition fees or have a graduate tax? Will Tucker
• Vocation education – smart solution or patronising? Dave Toulson
• If we can’t ban private schools, then what else could we do? Will Tucker

Labour Party Pledges:
• Protect the entire education budget
• Guarantee all teachers in state schools will be qualified
• Appoint Directors of School Standards to drive up standards in every area cap class sizes for five, six and seven-year-olds
• Ensure all young people study English and Maths to age 18.
• Guarantee an apprenticeship for every school leaver who attains the grades and require any firm that gets a large government contract to offer apprenticeships
• Reduce tuition fees to £6,000 a year

Hosted by Chloe Wynne, Publicity Officer.

1 thought on “Warwick Labour Speaks – Education

  1. Very interesting discussion. Important point raised: diversity of student cohort in grammar schools. Very low % on FSM in grammar schools compared to state schools. Widening access to prospective students is key to grammar school question

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