Workers’ Beer: Reading and Leeds!

Back at the start of Term 3 we put out details how you can get free tickets to the Glastonbury and Latitude festivals and help the society at the same time. We also promised more details about additional festivals. This is the offering of such details.


Workers’ Beer is an exciting way to fund raise for the good work the Society does. In a nutshell we transport you to a festival, give you free tickets, free drinks vouchers and free meals and you spend part of your day working (six hours a day but with ample breaks) and the rest of your time enjoying the festival. Warwick Labour then gets to keep the monies you would have earned.

The Workers’ Beer system allows us to raise significant funds, which we will be very much needing in the run up to the General Election.

The final two festivals we’ve got spaces for are Reading and Leeds. For the Reading festival you’ll need to be there 21st August and leave the 25th and for Leeds you can arrive either the 20th or 21st August and leave on the 25th.

The esteemed Warwick Labour alumnus Mr Barış Yerli has set up a form where you can apply and also find further details. Any queries, either ask on the Discussion Group, message Barış or get in touch with one of the exec. You can fill in the form to apply here. Good luck!

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