End of Year Wrap-up

Hi everyone,

Another academic year has ended. Congratulations to everyone who has finished their time at Warwick (although we’ll be very sorry to see you leave!) and for those of you heading back in October, we’ll see you then. Just a quick note from me to wrap up Warwick Labour’s academic year.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to members old and new who attended the Red Tie Dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic evening, celebrated in true Warwick Labour style. Thank you to our social secretary Lewis Holden for organising it all.

We have had a fantastic year overall with more members, speakers and events than ever before and we will continue this in to this crucial year for the party. Our club is in decisive position, with two key seats just a stone’s throw a way.

We’re going to be out on the doorstep as much as possible and if you’re coming back in October we’ll really need your help. We’ll be running training events in addition to pairing first-timers with those who are more experienced at doorstep campaigning. Look out for more details about all of these closer to the time.

Finally, of course, we will still be having plenty of socials and speakers to ensure the upcoming academic year is the best one yet. Thanks again for making this past year so great, and I’m looking forward to making this next one even better.

See you in October,

Warwick Labour Chair

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