Pre-Term 3 Update (Workers Beer, Campaigns and Skool Dayz)

We hope you’re enjoying your break and looking forward to returning to Warwick next week. We’ve got a couple of things lined up to make term three even more exciting for you. Read on!


Free festival tickets + beer + help Warwick Labour

Every year Warwick Labour offers its members the chance to go to some of the best music festivals for free with the help of The Workers’ Beer Company. Whilst you’re at the festival you’ll be serving at one of Workers’ Beer’s bars with your wages donated to the society — and when you’re not working you can enjoy the music.

The income is a huge help for the society and is especially important as we enter a General Election year.

We currently have places at Glastonbury (24th – 29th June) and Latitude (16th July – 20th July) up for grabs (and we expect more festivals soon). If you’d like to apply, please be certain you can attend as dropping out at the last minute will see the Club lose money and more importantly lose another member the chance to enjoy a festival for free.

The deadline for applications is next Wednesday 23rd. To apply please fill out this form (and make sure you read it carefully). Good luck!

Skool Dayz: Homework Club returns!

After breaking new boundaries and circling for the first time in Warwick Labour’s history before Skool Dayz in term two we’ll be returning to more familiar territory for the first Skool Dayz of term three and invading a fresher’s kitchen for one of Warwick Labour’s infamous Homework Clubs.


We’ll be heading to Jack Martin and if you’ve never been before, it’s a great opportunity to meet everyone.

Hit attending on our event on Facebook and — more importantly — make sure you get your ticket! Click through to the SU’s website from our event:

Local and European elections

And finally, with the local and European elections coming up we’re going to be regularly hitting the campaign trail around campus over the next couple of weeks.

Our involvement makes a real difference and if you’re a veteran or you’ve never been before, make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and @WarwickLabour on Twitter for details over the next couple of weeks.

That should be enough to get going for term three. Any queries drop us a message on Facebook, and we look forward to seeing you next term!

With love,


-Warwick Labour exec

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