Warwick Labour: Week 17 Update and Road Trip report

We hope you are well and had a good reading week, if you had one. We’ve been very busy out campaigning, last weekend we helped out at a council by-election in Birmingham with local parliamentary candidate Jess Phillips and MP Jack Dromey. We didn’t win the by-election, but we remain hopeful Jess can win Birmingham Yardley from John Hemming.


But this weekend was of course our trip to Norwich to help out in Norwich South, a key target seat. With comrades from UEA Labour, we helped out Clive Lewis, the excellent parliamentary candidate. We made some real progress and some newer members gained some campaigning experience! We also went out for a curry and a drink in the fine city of Norwich. We had a great time, and we’re sure UEA will want to return the favour soon.

Now we’ve one event coming up this week, here it is:

Thursday, 5pm, Terrace Bar: Lefty Lattes: Part of the Union: the importance of trade unions and how we pay for politics


This week Lefty Lattes deals with a crucial topic: trade unions. The Labour Party was formed by trade unionists coming together to use parliamentary means to secure workers’ rights, and ever since the relationship between the unions and the party they started has been complicated and often fraught. In the words of Jack Jones: ‘Murder maybe, divorce never.’

At the moment, the party leadership is trying to reform the link with the unions, changing how the leader is elected and how union levy payers affiliate to the party. Both of these have big implications for how the party is funded and its leaders chosen. So are the reforms a long overdue update of party structures? Or are they a dangerous experiment that could destroy the party’s historic structures?

This is all happening, of course, in the context of the wider discussion about how politics should be paid for. When the Tories are donated millions by the very people who are benefiting from their sell-off of the NHS, and the Lib Dem donors are being investigated for fraud, is it time for state funding of political parties? Would the public ever accept that? Come along this Thursday at five!

N.B. this is the last set-topic Lefty Lattes this academic year as next week is the SU elections, after that the exec elections and then Easter. We will still likely gather at five on Thursdays for a drink and informal discussion in the next few weeks and in term three too, so please do still come along!


It will be good to see you all on Thursday! Couple of things before we go – if you’ve not voted on the constitution and policy yet can you do ASAP by emailing Kat at k.brooke@warwick.ac.uk, we’re quite close to quorum now! Also we will be having a circle in the Terrace Bar from 7-11pm before Skool Dayz on Saturday 1st March, so if you would like to come to that then buy your ticket now at http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/10831/. More info on this soon!

See you this week,

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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