Warwick Labour: Week 15 Update


We hope you are well and enjoyed last week’s events, especially our spectacularly well-attended Andrew Gamble talk (above and below). More than 100 people turned up to hear the pre-eminent political economist outline how we can fight neoliberalism.


A question and answer session followed Professor Gamble’s main speech, in which he further outlined how we can restructure the economy and society so we all benefit. The talk was very well-received, so thanks for coming. We also hoped you enjoyed last week’s Lefty Lattes.

We’ve more to come this week, here it is:

Tuesday, 6pm, Dirty Duck: We Want Sex (Equality): Warwick Labour Women’s Meeting


On Tuesday Warwick Labour will be hosting a women’s event, designed as a space to discuss women’s issues in a friendly setting. The event is primarily aimed at women but is open to all, so do come along!

Wednesday, 5pm, R0.14: Warwick Labour Extraordinary General Meeting *FREE PIZZA*


Hey everyone, the Executive Committee is calling an Extraordinary General Meeting for Wednesday Week 5, with the following agenda:
1. To consider a new/revised constitution for the society.
2. To consider policy to take to Labour Students National Conference.
3. To consider club policy.

We’ll make sure that this is exciting as possible, as this is YOUR chance to influence the future direction of the society. Refreshments, namely FREE PIZZA, will be provided so come along and decide the direction of Warwick Labour in the future!
A proposal for the Constitution will be made available as soon as possible by the Exec. Amendments are welcome on the night or by email. Similarly, e-mail any proposals for club policy or policy to Labour Students to our Secretary, Kathryn, by 12pm Tuesday February 4th. You can reach her on k.brooke@warwick.ac.uk. The Constitution is further attached to this email.

In order to speak or vote, you need to be a member of the society. To join, go to www.warwicksu.com/WarwickLabour. We need 20% of members to attend in order to make decisions so please show up!



Thursday, 5pm, Terrace Bar: Lefty Lattes: In homes and in work: Housing and social security


This week’s Lefty Lattes tackles two important and related areas: the housing crisis and the ongoing public debate about benefits and the welfare state.

House prices are at record highs in Britain and whilst this is good news if you already own one, it’s less so for first time buyers and those on lower incomes, who may be forced into an increasingly insecure and capricious private rented sector. Labour have pledged to build 200,000 houses a year from 2015 to 2020 – but is this enough after 30 years of free-market dogma leaving so few being built? Furthermore, how can we live sustainably and decently in the 21st century?

At the same time, the coalition government are undertaking an unprecedented attack on those who are out of work, disabled or require state help. Benefits have been frozen, ATOS tests grade many who cannot work as fit to do so, and the ‘bedroom tax’ (which Labour have pledged to repeal) has plunged tens of thousands into arrears. How do we fight back? And how do we persuade the public, many of whom seemingly want to see action taken against ‘scroungers’?

There is a lot to discuss so we’d love to see you all there, as ever Thursday at five in the Terrace Bar!


Saturday, 10.30, Birmingham Yardley: Labour Students WM and BYL goes campaigning


With the general election only over a year away, Labour constituencies across the country are preparing for 2015. Labour Students West Midlands and Birmingham Young Labour will be campaigning for Jess Phillips in the marginal constituency of Yardley, Birmingham.

We will be meeting at Stechford train station at 10:30. Stechford train station is a 6 minute journey from Birmingham New Street.

If you have any questions, just give Kathryn a message.


That’s all for this week but here’s a few things you might want to be aware of: on Monday the All-Student Meeting will be happening in the Atrium, tackling important issues for students, including the motion for No More Page Three on our campus! You can join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/221597651358278/

And on Wednesday, our Publicity Officer Will is representing us at the latest Politics Society Question Time – more information to come on this soon.

And finally, to trail a big event soon:

Saturday, 15th February-Sunday, 16th February, Norwich: The Warwick Labour RoadTrip


Come and join us in a worthy escapade to the East of England in the society’s first RoadTrip. There’ll be General Election campaigning, pub lunches and a fun night out in the glorious city of Norwich.

We’ll be campaigning in the super important marginal seat of Norwich South helping elect the fantastic vocal candidate Clive Lewis. Setting off from Warwick at 9am on Saturday 15th, we’ve hired a minibus to make transport there and back really easy. We’ll be arriving back in Warwick at around 6pm on Sunday.

It’s a national weekend of action on the NHS so how better to spend a weekend then a fun adventure with your favourite society whilst helping stick it to the Tories on our beloved Health Service.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done any campaigning before, as always, full training will be provided to make sure you feel confident practicing what you preach. We always go round in pairs so that you’ll be with someone who’s got a wealth of experience – you only have to do the talking when you feel ready.We’re also lucky to have past Vice-President James Entwistle, now a professional campaign organiser, there to help everyone hone their skills.

Free transport. Free accommodation. Make sure you don’t miss one of the most memorable opportunities you’ll have this year!


We hope to see you this week!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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