Warwick Labour: Week 14 Update

Hope you all enjoyed last week’s events, from our trip to the cinema to the latest classic instalment of Dress as a Tory. Pictures are up at facebook.com/WarwickLabour right now, and are well worth a look! We’ve more to come this week with two cracking events.

Wednesday, 5pm, S0.21: ‘Defeating Neoliberalism’ with Andrew Gamble


Warwick Labour is incredibly honoured to confirm that Professor Andrew Gamble will be speaking to the club on Wednesday 29th January at 5pm. His lecture will be on ‘Defeating Neoliberalism’ and everyone is welcome.

Andrew Gamble is Head of the Politics Department at the University of Cambridge, and author of ‘The Spectre at the Feast’ as well as several widely-read textbooks in International Political Economy. He is celebrated as one of the greatest political economists in the UK. We look forward eagerly to an extremely insightful, enlightening and inspiring evening with Professor Gamble. We hope you will join us.


Thursday, 5pm, Terrace Bar: Lefty Lattes: How can Labour be the ‘Greenest Government Ever’?


This week’s Lefty Lattes tackles an important but often overlooked area: environmental issues. Climate change is perhaps the big issue of our time, but it seems little is being done to combat it. What measures should we be taking? And what can we achieve in the face of inertia and special interests?

David Cameron claimed that his government would be the ‘greenest ever’ and while the coalition came to power with promises such as this, they are now embracing fracking for shale gas and pledging to get rid of ‘green crap’ from energy bills. So what should Labour’s response be? How can we reduce emissions whilst maintaining our way of life? And how do we regain the green agenda from the likes of the Green Party?

There’s a lot to discuss so come along and join in! And make sure to use public transport on the way…


That’s all of our events for this week, hope to see you there!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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