Warwick Labour – Week 12 Update

Dear Warwick Labourites,

We hope you enjoyed last week’s events and that you are getting back into the swing of things this term. Last week we had our welcome back curry in Leamington, which was well-attended and as good fun as we’d hoped and a lively Lefty Lattes on the monarchy. We hope you all enjoyed these, especially anyone who has recently joined us. Plus, on Saturday, our members Rob, Miguel and Rachel hit the streets of Leamington to campaign with our great local parliamentary candidate Lynnette Kelly! Do keep an eye out for more campaigning opportunities soon as we get closer and closer to 2015…

This week is our Income Inequality Campaign week and we’ve some fantastic events for that – the posters advertising the events are also looking fantastic, so thanks to everyone who helped to put them up.

Tuesday, 10-4, Atrium: Warwick Labour presents: Have I Got Bad News for You!


As part of our campaign against income inequality, Warwick Labour are hosting a little game to see if you know about one of the biggest problems this country faces. The level of inequality in Britain is shocking and very few people know about the true extent of the problem.

On Tuesday, we will be in the Atrium between 10am and 4pm asking you two questions on the extent of Income Inequality in Britain. If you answer within 5% either side of the correct answer, you’ill receive a small reward! Step up to the challenge and come find out the real extent of inequality in Britain.


Tuesday, 6pm, H0.51: Warwick Labour Income Inequality Panel

1524746_10152171981598690_1963164411_n (1)

Warwick Labour is delighted to announce our Income Inequality Panel, that shall kick off a week of events and campaigning against Income Inequality and for a more equal society. This is our second panel, following on from one on Youth Unemployment in Week 3 last term.

With 3 high-profile expert speakers: Dr Faiza Shaheen of the new economics foundation, Maddy Power from the Equality Trust and esteemed economist Dr Ann Pettifor, this promises to be an enlightening debate full of insights on the real state of inequality in this country and how to combat it.


Also – on Thursday:

We would like to invite all to join us in taking a photo to declare your belief in a fairer society. On Thursday, we’ll be around campus (schedule of where and when TBA shortly) with whiteboards, markers and cameras ready to take a photo explaining why equality matters to you.

It’d be great to see you, so keep an eye out for us!

And of course, as usual we have:

Thursday, 5pm, Terrace Bar: Lefty Lattes: The state of Britain: Scottish independence and devolution


This week’s Lefty Lattes concerns the most important issue no-one’s talking about: the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum. On 14th of September, one of the nations of the UK will decide whether or not to leave the others, with potentially huge implications. So what do you think? Should this be welcomed, or do we agree with most of the party that we are ‘Better Together’?

All of this comes of course in the context of devolution – one of the key policies of the last Labour government. Scotland, Wales and London all gained a great deal of autonomy, but what does this mean for the future of the UK? With a recent report suggesting people feel increasingly ‘English’, ‘Welsh’ and ‘Scottish’ rather than ‘British’, what does it even mean to be British nowadays? What should be done about the English question? And, dare I say it, the Irish question?!

There is much to discuss so we’d love to see as many of you there as possible. Both drinking and national dress are optional…


A couple more things to mention this week: on MONDAY there is a protest against the Vice Chancellor’s latest ludicrous pay rise, details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/598170696923028/ , and we will shortly be electing delegates to go to Young Labour and Labour Students Conference in Bradford in February, so if you think you might want to get involved with that, now is the time to start thinking about it. Any questions of course ask your lovely exec.

That’s all for now – hope to see you this week!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec

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