Warwick Labour: Welcome back for 2014!

Dear Warwick Labourites,

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year  and are feeling suitably refreshed for the coming term. We’ve got an awful lot coming up this term, so before we explain all that, here are our events for week one.

Wednesday, 7.30, King Baba’s Leamington: Warwick Labour returns… with curry!


So after stuffing ourselves and getting drunk with family and friends over Christmas comes the inevitable return to Warwick campus. As a gathering to celebrate the beginning of a New Year and a new term, we’re all coming together to eat curry at King Baba’s in Leamington on Wednesday 8th (Week 1).

King Baba’s serves a variety of delicious curries at affordable prices (as well as other food for those heretics who dislike the national dish 😉 ) and is Bring Your Own Booze, so it will be preceded by a Beer & Wine Run on the nearby stores of convenience. As expected, this will likely follow into visits to one or more of the many eminent bars and pubs of Royal Leamington Spa.

The meal should start around 7:30pm and details for campus-leavers will be disclosed in the near future. Meanwhile, click you’re going, invite some friends and prepare for a fun evening with your favourite political society! See you soon…


Thurday, 5pm, Terrace Bar: Lefty Lattes: Off with their heads?: Should the monarchy be abolished? The state of our democracy


We return for our first Lefty Lattes this term with a controversial topic: the monarchy. To many, the monarchy is a symbol of the nation and a harmless receptacle of national pride. But to others, especially on the left, it is a ludicrous anachronism that is anti-democratic and anti-meritocratic. Come to that, what do we think of British democracy today, and what might we do to improve it?

There are sure to be plenty of strong views on either side, accompanied by strong drinks should that take your fancy. So whether you’re flying a Union flag or the British tricolour, come along and have your say!


Provisional term card for term two

Now for an outline of what we’ll be doing this term. We should stress at this point that this timetable is very much prone to change, but this is what we’ve got planned:

Week Events
  • Wed – Warwick Labour returns… with curry!
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes: The monarchy and democracy
Two Income Inequality Campaign

  • Tue – Income Inequality Panel
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes – Devolution/Scottish independence
  • ‘We want sex (equality)’ – Women’s Meeting
  • Campaigning Session
  • Wed – WL goes to ‘Long Walk to Freedom’
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes – Greenest Government Ever?
  • Wed – Andrew Gamble talk
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes – Housing and social security
  • Campaigning Session
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes – The union link/paying for politics
  • Extraordinary General Meeting
Six Reading Week

  • Warwick Labour Road Trip – Norwich
  • Thu – Lefty Lattes – Students’ issues
Eight SU Elections Week

  • Campaigning Session
  • Annual General Meeting
  • End of term social
  • Campaigning Session

There will be more information on these events soon, of course, but until then a very happy new year and we’ll see you on Wednesday for the curry!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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