Warwick Labour: Week 10 Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of term already! We hope you’ve enjoyed this term and we have much more to come after Christmas. Last week was as busy as ever, with a trip to see some comedy in Leamington and a well-attended Lefty Lattes on Education. Plus, on Saturday, Will, Amy, James and Kathryn all went to Birmingham to see Ed Miliband deliver a Q&A session!

We’ve three events to round off the term, so here they are:

Thursday, 7pm, Ms.05: Warwick Labour presents Jeremy Corbyn’s Christmas Lecture: “Why Labour must oppose Austerity and War”


Warwick Labour is privileged to announce that our final speaker this term is the much-admired irreverent MP for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn.
It is hard to find an MP that is more uncompromising on his values, having defied the whip 520 times in the past 16 years. He is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group and chairman of the Stop the War Campaign, as well as a well known advocate for human rights and nuclear disarmament.


Thursday, 8pm, Varsity: Warwick Labour Christmas Dinner


You are cordially invited to Warwick Labour’s Christmas Dinner 2013, which will follow straight on from our Jeremy Corbyn talk. We will be heading to Varsity on the edge of campus for a hearty Christmas meal and maybe a few drinks as well. We have a table at 8.15 with space for about 20 people but we’re sure we can get more if necessary. It should be a really great way to round off what has been a fantastic first term, so it’d be great to see you all there!


Friday, 8.30, Leamington: Warwick Labour Christmas Party



The end of term is here, Christmas is almost upon us and what better way to celebrate than a house party? Amy and Rob are our hosts for what should prove to be a fine evening’s entertainment in Leamington. Bring your own beer, don’t break anything and prepare for several renditions of ‘The Red Flag’…


That’s all for this term! We hope to see you on Thursday, and after that have a very merry Christmas and remember Santa wears red for a reason…

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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