Warwick Labour: Week 7 Update

Dear Warwick Labourites,

As we move into the second half of this term we have a lot coming up. Last week we had our raucously well-received Colin Burgon talk, and on Saturday we went campaigning in Leamington. This week we have:

Thursday, 1.30, venue TBC: Warwick Labour presents Kelvin Hopkins MP: ‘Against Neoliberalism: Should the Left oppose the EU?”


Our third speaker this term is Kelvin Hopkins. Kelvin is a former jazz musician and trade union official and has been MP for Luton North since 1997. He is an outspoken critic of the neoliberal economic order that has dominated the world for 30 years. Offering a critique of the European Union from the left, Kelvin argues that the European project has been a vehicle for attacking the working class with privatisation and liberalisation, a state of affairs that has worsened in this era of austerity.

Join Warwick Labour for what should be a frank and interesting discussion about one of the defining issues of our time.


Thursday, 5pm, S0.09: Lefty Lattes Special: General Election 2015 with Sarah Mulholland

Come and join Warwick Labour for a discussion with Sarah Mulholland, Head of Partnerships and Stakeholders for the Labour Party and Sam Woodcock, Labour Students National Secretary, for a discussion about what the members of Warwick Labour want from the general election campaign, how we can best organise and how the Labour Party and Labour Students can help support Warwick Labour Club so that we are fighting fit for the General Election in 2015!


Thursday, 9.30, The Dirty Duck: Warwick Labour Goes to CleverDucks Pub Quiz!


This society has an illustrious history with regards to pub quizzes, and we want this to continue for as long as possible!

Join us on Thursday evening at 9:30pm, in the Dirty Duck ready to take on the toughest questions that Warwick SU can throw at us. We shall probably remain in the pub afterwards, to celebrate/commiserate.

Entry is £2 per team, which will be decided on the night. Would be great to see as many of you there as possible!


Those are our three events on what should be a great and very busy Thursday! Also the weekend after next we have our famous Homework Club before Skool Dayz. Tickets will sell out very soon so if you fancy coming buy your ticket here: http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/10399/ (Our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1386250488283842/ ). Also, we are supporting the No More Page 3 campaign on campus so keep an eye out for their events. That’s all for now, so keep a look out for our campaigning events online!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec

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