Warwick Labour: Week 6 Update


Dear Warwick Labourites,

Unbelievably it is already reading week and term one is half-gone already. We had a very busy week five, campaigning in Leamington with Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman (above) and Shadow Minister for Small Business, Toby Perkins (below) on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. We got a good response on the doorstep, even if the darkening nights made some people think we were early trick-or-treaters…


On Saturday we had our Labour Students West Midlands Gathering, hosted and organised impeccably by our secretary (and LS West Midlands Coordinator, Kathryn Brooke. Workshops on external and internal campaigning went down well with a mixed Warwick Labour and Coventry Uni Labour crowd, as VP Mariam highlighted key marginal seats in the region and WL alumnus and current Norwich Labour Organiser James Entwistle explained how to run on-campus campaigns. We also had a great talk and Q&A with MEP candidate Lynda Waltho. After that, it was onto the doorstep around Coventry for a practical side to the day – below Kathryn is flanked by members Aidan and Helen.


And finally in our round-up thanks to all who voted for the below picture of exec members Matt and Mariam on our Freshers’ Stall in Labour Students’ Freshers’ Challenge! (We now get some free stuff)


We’ve just the one event coming up this week but it should be a good one…

Wednesday, 1.30, A0.23 (Social Sciences): Warwick Labour presents: Colin Burgon (Chair, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign) “Venezuela’s Democratic Revolution”

Warwick Labour is pleased to announce that on Wednesday we have Colin Burgon, Labour MP for Elmet 1997-2010 and current Chair of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, coming to speak about the socialist transformation of Venezuela for the past 15 years.

Colin will be talking about the incredible advances that have been made in the country, with a sharp reduction in poverty through investment in healthcare, education and more recently, housing.

He will also talk about how democratic support for this democratic experiment has grown, even in the face of US economic and political pressures and a predominantly anti-Chavez media.

We hope you join us for what will surely be a very interesting event as we discuss how far Venezuela’s ‘socialism for the 21st century’ can be applied to our ideal of a more prosperous and fairer ‘One Nation’ Britain.

And finally…

That’s all for this week except to say that if you want to come to Labour Students Political Weekend in a fortnight, you need to buy your ticket ASAP – they cost £40 incl. accommodation and are available here: https://shop.labour.org.uk/products/labour-students-political-weekend-2013-322/ (Our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/250131781805829/ ). If you haven’t joined Labour Students you can do here: http://www.labourstudents.org.uk/join . Also, we will be holding a ‘Homework Club’ predrinks before the next Skool Dayz, tickets are here https://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/10399/ . Both these events will sell out soon!

So, have a good reading week and we’ll see you soon!

The Warwick Labour exec

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