Warwick Labour: Week 3 Update

Hey Warwick Labourites!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s events. It was great to see everyone at our first Lefty Lattes and also at our Paint the Town Red Bar Crawl. We all had a good (if heavy) time in Leamington’s pubs and you all certainly came up with some interesting annotations…


We’ve got more coming up this week:

Monday, 6pm, MS.04: Warwick Labour Youth Unemployment Panel

1240224_10151944457893690_981101410_n (1)

In this country and across Europe, young people are paying the price for the economic crisis, with youth unemployment as shockingly high levels. What can be done to help young people back to work, and build the sort of fairer economy we all wish to see?

This debate marks the opening of our first major campaign of the year, on youth unemployment. Our panel of highly regarded speakers will be discussing what is proving to be one of the most important issues of our time, and one that has great relevance to students.

All are welcome, and anyone can make a contribution from the audience. We’re expecting a lively debate so don’t be afraid to come along and put your point across!

After the event we will no doubt adjourn for some refreshments.

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, Chairman and Founder of WMG
Professor John Holmwood, President of the British Sociological Association and co-founder of the Campaign for the Public University
Jacob Mohun, Research Fellow at new economics foundation (nef)
Ceri Hughes, Research Assistant at The Work Foundation


Thursday, 4pm, Bar Fusion – Lefty Lattes: Feminism: How do we move forward to equality?1388137_597787750285035_1031435549_n

Our second Lefty Lattes of the year is on the crucial issue of feminism. Years of campaigning have greatly improved the rights of women and girls in our society, with milestones such as universal suffrage, the Equal Pay Act, Sex Discrimination and Equality legislation, with much done by our party to advance this agenda. But there remains much to be done: childcare provision is still a huge issue, women still face a ‘pay gap’ relative to men, there is still a great problem with rape culture – including songs like ‘Blurred Lines’ – and women still have to deal with, as Ed pointed out in his speech, everyday acts of sexism. This promises to be a great event, with a lot to cover, so it’d be great to see you there! Please note the change of time (an hour forward to 4pm this week because of Campaigns Convention) and venue to Bar Fusion, which we will use for Lefty Lattes when available.


Friday evening, Coventry: Curry Night; Saturday daytime, Leamington: Campaigning Day

Stay tuned for details of these two events. On Friday we will go for a more relaxed social when we head to Coventry for a curry in one of the region’s many fine establishments, and on Saturday we will head out for the first of our crucial campaign days in Leamington, so if you’ve never campaigned before, this’d be a great way to start!

And finally, three other things we’re up to: on Monday from 10am we will be putting up posters and making banners for the Youth Unemployment Campaign, meet Will and Miguel at SUHQ at 10am if you want to help with that, on Friday some of us may go to Kasbah nightclub following the curry, and on Saturday, anyone with tickets to Skool Dayz is welcome to come to Dominic’s place in Westwood for pre-drinks. Our ‘Homework Club’ events will begin in earnest before the next Skool Dayz in November.

That’s all for now, so have a good week and we hope to see you at our events!

All the best,

The Warwick Labour exec.

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