Hi everyone, I just wanted to take the chance to welcome everyone to the society personally. I’m Rob and I’m President of the society. Re-founded in 2007, the society goes from strength to strength every year and is now one of the most active and (we like to think) fun societies on campus.


If you came along to our Fresher’s Reception on Friday you probably have a good idea as to what we’re about, but if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – there are still lots of chances to get involved. Our weekly meetings are called… wait for it… Lefty Lattes and the first one of the year is on Thursday 5pm – meeting at the piazza. These are a great time to relax with a drink and talk about issues you care about – this one being an open talk about what political issues motivate you.

We also like to run fun, friendly and lighthearted socials – the first one being our lefty chilled out take on the bar crawl: Paint the Town Red. This will also be on Thursday starting at 8pm (giving you all a chance freshen up after Lefty Lattes). Everyone coming will be given a white t-shirt which, by the end of the night, will be covered in red drawings, scribbles and witticisms by all your mates! Be it drawing farmyard animals on a friend’s back or a dot-to-dot puzzle, the prompt cards and great company will ensure you have a really enjoyable and sociable night. Taxi numbers and bus timetables will be given to make sure all campus-dwellers get home safe and sound.Image


Have a great rest of the week and we hope to see you all on Thursday! 

Robert Ankcorn
President, Warwick Labour

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