Red Tie Dinner a huge success


Warwick Labour’s inaugural ‘Red Tie Dinner’ took place in Leamington Spa’s Jephson Brasserie on Wednesday 19th June, and was a great success.

Forty-two members and friends of the society wined and dined in the aspirational surroundings, on tables named after the five non-MacDonald Labour PMs. With all comrades looking at least vaguely fantastic in red-tinted formal wear, the guests were entertained by a light-hearted ‘awards ceremony’ hosted by esteemed former President Baris Yerli.

Baris also made a moving speech that elicited a standing ovation, and remarks from former presidents Ben Jones, Keiren Mollison, Thomas Messenger, current president Robert Ankcorn and former leading members James Entwistle, Ben Murray, Rachael Ward and Anna Chowcat also went down very well.

‘The Red Tie Dinner went brilliantly and is a testament to the strength the society now enjoys,’ said Will Tucker, Warwick Labour’s Publicity Officer. ‘Of course, our most important work is our campaigning in Leamington and Coventry and around campus, but a celebration such as this is a great way of celebrating the hard work and comradely attitude we enjoy at Warwick Labour.’

Comrades paid tribute to the hard work of Social Secretary Amy Butler in organising the event. Said committee member Luke Rigg: ‘I can’t remember much of the event, but I’m sure I had a great time and that the next one will be even better!’

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