Get your Red Tie Dinner Tickets NOW and Week 6 update

Hi everyone,

Hope exams are going well and everyone’s keeping calm. There’s much to look forward to once exams are over, though – here’s a runthrough of what to expect…

Wednesday 19th June – Red Tie Dinner 2013


Tickets for our end of year bonanza are selling quickly, so if you haven’t got yours yet make sure you do so as soon as possible as tickets come off sale this Wednesday, 5th June.

Here’s a brief reminder of what to expect: the lovely setting of Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa will be the backdrop for an evening of fine food, finer wine and (we like to think) very fine company. The dress code is formal but splashes of red will be very much appreciated! There will be a wide variety of Labour-themed entertainment that everyone will enjoy, and we have the place until midnight, so there is easily enough time to fit in all the merriment which will occur.

Tickets are £30 and are available now from the SU website HERE:

We recognise this isn’t cheap but it’ll be worth it for a high-quality event such as this. So, at the risk of sounding gender-normative, put on your best suit or dress and let’s see 2012-13 out in style!

Also coming up:

Friday 7th June – Warwick Labour attend HOPE not hate: Opposing UKIP? with Owen Jones


This also promises to be a great event. HOPE not hate are organising an event at the University of Warwick with Owen Jones (no, not that one), on the theme of ‘Opposing UKIP: We could but should we?’. A talented speaker and effective community organiser, this is a great opportunity to discuss how to Oppose UKIP with a leading anti-fascist campaigner.

UKIP is rising in the polls on an increasingly anti-immigrant platform. They now have over 200 councillors and could well come first in next year’s European Elections. More worryingly, there is a danger that their growth will push the mainstream parties to the right on immigration and race. So how, if at all, should we respond?

Come along, and have an enjoyable evening break from all the exam stress!

And last but certainly not least: 

Saturday 15th June – Warwick Labour Homework Club – Bluebell Edition


Following on from the barnstorming success (if I do say so myself) of the Westwood edition, and for the last time this academic year, it’s that time of the term again as the drunken rabble that is Warwick Labour descends on the ever-eventful mess that is Skool Dayz. This time, the decidedly B environs of Bluebell are our venue for our pre-event revelry, and ‘divisive’ (I think that’s what they called Lady T) Blairist John Brady is our host. Bring your own beer, and don’t worry if you break anything as I’m sure these capitalist kids could afford to buy new things.

Tickets on sale here:

So, don’t forget to buy your Red Tie ticket, best of luck in any remaining exams, and in the words of our 1983 (argh) election slogan, ‘Think positive, act positive, vote Labour!’

All the best, yours comradely,

the Warwick Labour exec

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