Welcome Back!

Hey guys,
Welcome back to the third term of this glorious year at Warwick. Deadlines may be fast approaching and exams may be looming over the horizon but have no fear – your favourite political society is here!We’re taking things a bit easier this term but we’ve still got some great things going on!

Lefty Lattes – Week 1

Thursday 5pm, Terrace Bar

LeftyLattes green

So your brains are hurting from all the apparently useful facts you need to know. We know your pain and we’re here to help! Lefty lattes will be continuing throughout term 3 so we can talk about… whatever we want! Themed topic are taking a back seat this term. However the constituent parts will remain: Lots of Lefties and Lots of Lattes (or other beverages). Looking forward to your company!

Local Elections Campaigning


This year the marginal seats of Warwickshire are up for grabs in the local elections. We will, ofcourse, be leading the charge to ensure people having a hard time get the labour councillors they deserve! Yesterday, in the afternoon sun(so it does exist), we had a successful round of canvassing and a celebratory barbecue in Brunswick Ward. Watch our for opportunities to get involved in the run up to the 2nd of May as we’ll be doing more canvassing, leafleting and also postering on campus to spread the One Nation gospel.

With events going on throughout the term and a swanky doo in week 9 to round off the year, we hope to see you at something soon!

Warwick Labour Exec

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