Warwick Labour Goes to Eastleigh! (And Other Week 7 News)

Hey guys,

Now that reading week is over and we’re all settling back into the daily grind (or not), you’re no doubt wondering what Warwick Labour has in store for this week and the rest of this term. This is going to be quite a long email, but bear with me as we’ve got loads going on over the next few weeks!

1 – Warwick Labour Presents: Rowenna Davis

2 – Lefty Lattes

3 – Warwick Debating Union Presents: This House Would Spend and Stimulate

4 – Labour Students Hustings

5 – Warwick Labour Goes to Eastleigh (YES, WE’RE GOING TO EASTLEIGH!)


Warwick Labour Presents: Rowenna Davis

Tuesday, 7:00pm, MS.04 (rescheduled from 5th February)

Rowenna Davis

This Tuesday, we’re proud to welcome Rowenna Davis to Warwick Labour!

In addition to being a Labour councillor for Peckham, Rowenna is also a freelance journalist, with her pieces frequently appearing in the New Statesman, as well as the Guardian and the Independent. She is also the author of “Tangled Up in Blue”, a 2011 publication on the development of “Blue Labour” thinking.

Rowenna will be talking about what a One Nation Labour government means for the UK and what we can do to get there!

This is surely going to be a great talk and, following the event, we’ll no doubt retire to the Terrace Bar.

Come along and join us on Tuesday at 7pm in MS.04! The room is upstairs in Maths and Stats but, if you can’t find us on the night, then please give me (Tom) a call on 07554344657 🙂



Lefty Lattes: Week 8 – “The Greenest Government Ever”

Thursday, 5:00pm, Meet on Piazza

LeftyLattes green

Since it’s “Go Green Week” here on our green and pleasant campus, we thought it would be nice to “go green” during this week’s Lefty Lattes sessions!

David Cameron (in)famously stated that his government would be “the greenest government ever”. It’s debatable, at best, whether this is coming to fruition, but what should Labour do to prove its “green” credentials for election in 2015? Should we put a strong focus on green policies, or are there more pressing political issues for us to focus upon?

And what about the Green Party: how do we deal with these guys who may be stealing red votes? Work with them and form greener policies of our own, or keep up the electoral battle?

Effectively, this week we’re talking about the environment, green issues and whether Labour should strive to be the greenest government ever in 2015!

Same deal as usual: meet on the Piazza at 5pm and then we’ll head to either the Terrace Bar or the Mighty Duck, depending upon numbers and space availability.



Following our Lefty Lattes event, there’s 2 external events happening which you may be interested in. It’s a massive pain they’re happening at the same time, but this is beyond our control. Take your pick!

Warwick Debating Union Presents: This House Would Spend and Stimulate

Thursday, 6:30pm, IMC0.02

Warwick Debating Union

Has the Coalition Government’s austerity programme worked?

Is there a need for a Plan B?

Should the government engage in stimulus measures?

What would be the impact of these?

The Warwick Debating Union is back with our final debate of the academic year. Join some of the most influential and prominent economic minds of our time to debate the future path of the British Economy! This promises to be the BIGGEST and most PRESTIGIOUS debate in the history of the Warwick Debating Union! This is your chance to ask the important questions to the people that have the power to influence the direction of the British Economy.



West Midlands Labour Students Hustings

Thursday, 7:00pm, MR6 (SUHQ)


Labour Students Conference is tantalisingly close! And to keep you all excited before March 1st, the Hustings tour is making it’s way to the West Mids.

This is your chance to get to know some of the candidates standing for election, so get your questions ready!



Warwick Labour Goes to Eastleigh!

Friday, Eastleigh, Hampshire



As you may or may not have heard, quite recently a senior Lib Dem had to resign office in disgrace triggering a by-election. That by-election is in the traditional, strong Labour heartland of Eastleigh… in Hampshire.

For those of you who don’t know, in 2010 we came third in this seat and, ordinarily, this is a by-election which Labour wouldn’t invest much effort in. After all,this is Tory / Lib Dem -central. But what makes this by-election so interesting is that it’s the two Coalition partners fighting against each other. What’s more, Labour has selected author and broadcaster John O’Farrell as the candidate.

Suddenly there’s a very real chance that Labour could do quite well in this seat! Equally, some polls are showing UKIP polling above us. The truth is, we just have no idea where the vote is going to go on February 28th.

This Friday, Warwick Labour is going down to Eastleigh to help the local Labour Party out with a spot of campaigning and it would be great to have as many of you guys come along as possible.

At the moment, the only minor issue we have is actually getting there and back. The initial plan of minibus has fallen through, so we’re looking into alternatives. Either way, we should be able to say for definite how we’re getting there by the end of tomorrow, but I wanted to create this event now so you all knew what was happening and could clear your schedules accordingly!

This will most likely be an early start so we can be there for 10am and, rest assured, we’ll make sure we’re back in time for the PPE Ball that evening!

If you’d like to come, then please post below and state where you will be on Friday morning for possible pick up (depending on final travel arrangements). CLICKING ATTENDING ISN’T ENOUGH!

Anyway, the final details will be confirmed tomorrow night but, in the meantime…

Eastleigh, Hampshire
Friday 22nd February
Come along!



Right, if you have made it all the way through this email then, quite frankly, you deserve a prize! It was a long one. What’s more, we should have one going out in a few days about our upcoming exec elections, so you’ll have more Warwick Labour fun in a few days.

Hope to see you at an event at some point this week,

Your Friendly Warwick Labour Exec.

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