Young Labour Hustings at Warwick

Warwick Hustings

Hey guys,

This is a quick reminder to ask that you all come along to ‘The Warwick Hustings’ on Saturday!

This is the only national hustings for Young Labour’s elections. We’re incredibly lucky to be hosting the event.
It’s important that we have a good turnout. This event will serve to raise the profile of our club, but equally, would be embarrassing if only a few of us turn up!
We have a large number of candidates joining us, and it’s in your interest to get to know those who will be leading Young Labour over the next two years.
You can see all of the candidates here: Candidates
See the program for the day: Program
And submit questions to any candidate here: Submit Question
As you’d expect, we’ll be heading for some food and drink afterwards.
The hustings will be live steamed in collaboration with LSE’s TV channel, so if you’re image conscious, wear something nice.
Let us impress how good an opportunity this is. Young Labour events are hardly ever outside London, so for such a significant event to be taking part on our campus, is brilliant.
The hustings start at 1pm in SUHQ, MR4/5!
See you Saturday!

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