Warwick Labour’s Week 5 Update

Hey guys,

The smell of reading week may be in the air, but Warwick Labour never stops. We have another full week of events scheduled, so hopefully we’ll see you soon!

First up, on Tuesday…

Warwick Labour Presents: Rowenna Davis

Tuesday, 7:00pm, MS.04

Rowenna Davis

This Tuesday we’re proud to welcome Rowenna Davis to Warwick Labour!

In addition to being a Labour councillor for Peckham, Rowenna is also a freelance journalist, with her pieces frequently appearing in the New Statesman, as well as the Guardian and the Independent. She is also the author of “Tangled Up in Blue”, a 2011 publication on the development of “Blue Labour” thinking.

Rowenna will be talking about what a One Nation Labour government means for the UK and what we can do to get there!

This is surely going to be a great talk and, following the event, we’ll no doubt retire to the Terrace Bar.

Come along and join us this Tuesday at 7pm in MS.04! The room is upstairs in Maths and Stats but, if you can’t find us on the night, then please give me (Tom) a call on 07554344657 🙂


Lefty Lattes: Week 5 – “Sin Taxes”: Do They Work?

Thursday, 5:00pm, The Piazza

Lefty Lattes

Following our drunken antics on last Thursday’s social, this is perhaps a good time to ask whether we should introduce “sin taxes”? We already have taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, however do they work and are they worth it? And, more importantly, do they disproportionately affect the poor? Should we introduce minimum alcohol pricing and, on a similar note, was the last Labour government’s introduction of extended opening hours a worthwhile idea or just plain stupid?

As per usual, meet on Thursday at the Piazza, then we’ll decide where to go. Even if you feel like you don’t have an opinion on this topic, then come along anyway!


The Warwick Hustings: #YL13 (Young Labour Hustings)

Saturday, 1:00pm, SUHQ

Warwick Hustings

This Saturday, Warwick is playing host to the “Warwick Hustings”: a series of husting events for the candidates of the upcoming Young Labour elections. Come along on Saturday to meet other young members, meet the candidates who are going to represent you on the national stage and challenge them on issues.

The event is open to all Young Labour members and will be streamed live online.

Visit http://www.thewarwickhustings.info for information!


That’s it for this week, see you soon.

The Warwick Labour Exec.

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