Week 10: ‘Tis The Season…

Ed Balls with Father Christmas
The man who can bring goodwill to all, and Father Christmas.

Afternoon all,

Somehow, unbelievably, we have reached that mystical part of the term: WEEK 10. I know, it’s crazy!

Since we’ll all, very shortly, be heading off to our own parts of this green and pleasant land (or further afield!), we thought it was only right to send off all members with a smile on their face. This Thursday we’re dropping the regular Lefty Lattes discussion and replacing it with a Christmas drinks social in the Terrace Bar instead!

This’ll be a very relaxed and chilled way to look back at the term and to look forward to all that we have come. We’ll be in the Terrace Bar from 6pm, though feel free to come by whenever you can.

Of course, everybody is welcome! In fact, even if you haven’t been to a single Warwick Labour event this term, come along anyway and say hi – it is Christmas, after all!

So that’s 6:00pm this Thursday in the Terrace Bar – look forward to seeing you soon!

The Warwick Labour Exec.

Facebook Event

(PS, watch out for a round up article of everything we’ve done this term and what we’ve got to look forward to in the new year, coming soon)

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