Week 8: We Love Democracy.

Afternoon all!

I feel “We Love Democracy” is a fitting title to this update in the life of Warwick Labour. Just by chance our range of events this week are all, somehow, linked to that ancient, beloved concept of “democracy”. After all, what better time to consider how amazing democracy is after that shining example of the concept in last week’s PCC elections?

Actually, on that note, a massive congratulations to Bob Jones and his victory in the West Midlands, and an even huger commiserations to James Plaskitt’s unfortunate defeat in Warwickshire. Thanks to everybody who helped out in the campaigns over the last few weeks – stand by, we’ll be heading out again in term 2 to fight in the Leamington local elections šŸ˜‰

Right, so down to business, what do we have happening this week?

1 – Warwick Labour Goes to the NUS Demo

2 – Lefty Lattes: Week 8 – Democracy! A Failed Experiment?

3 – Warwick Labour Presents: Jim Cunningham MP

4 – Warwick Labour Goes to Skool Dayz

5 – Warwick Debating Union

Warwick Labour Goes to the NUS Demo


Demo 2012A message from our Campaigns Officer (and all around demo addict), Dominic Curran:

Hello, me again asking you to go on a march…

The Tories are taking an axe to education, attacking students with hikes in fees. Are you going to take it? I didn’t think so

So join us on the demonstration against these fees and cuts in London on Wednesday the 21st of November organised by the National Union of Students.

Book your coach from either Campus Or Leamington from the SU here: http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/9262/

We’ll meet up when we arrive, look out for the big “Warwick Labour” banner if you want to march with us.

Facebook Event

Lefty Lattes: Week 8 – Democracy! A Failed Experiment?

Thursday, 5:00pm, meet on Piazza

Lefty Lattes

Winter is drawing in and so what could be more pleasant than enjoying a latte in good company? *

I light of dwindling numbers of voters turning out for elections in Western democracies (*cough* PCC *cough*), and further and further reforms being made to make voting easier, turnout has yet to increase dramatically. With no major change in the political make-up of the Commons it begs the question, is it time for a new radical approach to the way we decide matters in Britain?

Should we follow the neo-Blairite idea of devolving power to directly elected commissioners on all matters but the truly extra ordinary?

Or should we retain and strengthen Parliamentary democracy, especially in light of possible impending Scottish independence?

This is going to be a very open-ended discussion where anybody can contribute any bat-sh*t crazy ideas they may have – they can be as radical as you like!

So, that’s Lefty Lattes, this Thursday at 5pm (meet on the Piazza) where we try and solve the problem with democracy – be there!

* FYI, we’re aware that most people don’t drink lattes at this event.

Facebook Event

Warwick Labour Presents: Jim Cunningham MP

Friday, 6:00pm, B2.01 (Sci Con)

Jim Cunningham MP

Jim Cunningham is the local MP for Coventry South (and your representative if you live on the correct side of campus!) and is coming to speak to Warwick Labour this Friday.

Jim was first elected at the 1992 election, following the ousting of Dave Nellist from the party. He’ll be speaking on a variety of issues, ranging from why young people should be involved in politics to the state of the present Labour Party. There’ll also be an opportunity to put your questions to your local representative.

We’ll be in B2.01 (Sci Con), which is just inside the science concourse which leads down to L3. In other words, as soon as you walk in from the library bridge.

We will no doubt retire to the Duck or Terrace Bar following the event, so look forward to seeing you soon!
Facebook Event

Warwick Labour Goes to Skool Dayz!

Saturday, 8:30pm, meet in the Duck

Tony Blair 1997

It’s the world renowned Skool Dayz at Warwick SU!

For those who haven’t a clue what this is, simply put, it’s a night where you (try) to dress like you were back at your “bog standard comprehensive”, like a school girl/boy, put those perfectly practiced dance moves to the test on the dance floor in the best venue this side of the Coventry Ring Road. Eh macarena!

Warwick Labour will be meeting in the playground (The Duck) from 8.30pm so we can make sure we’ve done our homework for tomorrow’s Maths period two and have a Panda Pop and a packet of Space Raiders in the mean time.

So, Saturday evening’s timetable looks like this:
– Meet from 8.30pm in The Duck
– Make to the Copper Rooms around 10 – 10.30pm
– No pulling each others’ hair
– Lots of ridiculous dancing

We strongly recommend that you buy your tickets ASAP as this event WILL SELL OUT. Seriously, buy your tickets now! http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/9085/

On the night if you’ve any questions ring Baris on o 7 five eight eight 4 nine five three 3 5

Facebook Event

Warwick Debating Union Presents: This House Would MakeĀ AbstinenceĀ Classes Mandatory for School Girls

Wednesday, 6:45pm, IMC.002

Warwick Debating Union

Warwick Debating Union has an interesting debate happening on Wednesday night, with Labour MP Chris Bryant coming down to argue for the opposition. It should be a great event, come along!

Facebook EventSo, a quite heavy week I’m sure we’ll all agree! We have loads going on over the next few days, so hopefully we’ll see you at one of our events soon.

All the best,

The Exec.

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