Week 7: Lefty Lattes and the Return of Warwick Question Time

Evening all,

If you’re just getting back from reading week, hope you’re feeling refreshed, and if you haven’t had a reading week then, well, keep your spirits up! To get you through the mid-term blues, Warwick Labour has a couple of great events this week:

Lefty Lattes: Ed, meet Barack. Barack, meet Ed.

Thursday, 5:00pm, Piazza

Lefty Lattes

We’ve had half-term (and a very exuberant election night victory) and now, finally, Lefty Lattes is back!

While we wait for the PCC, Corby and other by-election results to roll in, Lefty Lattes will be focusing on the recent, far less important, US Presidential election. Of course our boy won, but what can Ed Miliband and the Labour Party learn from Obama’s election campaign and his subsequent victory? Are there any tips from the campaign we can utilise in 2015?

This should be a really interesting discussion so if you have any interest at all in the recent election, please come along. Afterwards we’ll be heading straight over to Warwick Question Time at 6:30 to cheer on Tom!

Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event

Warwick Question Time

Thursday, 6:30pm, location TBC

Question Time

It’s the first one of the new year, so please come along to Warwick Politics Society’s regular Question Time event.

This is the event where you can pose your questions to figures from the political spectrum at Warwick and, of course, cheer on the Labour side! Tom Messenger is taking the stand for us this time, along with…

Nick Swain (President of Warwick SU)
Michael Timmins (Chairman of Warwick Conservatives)
Duncan Mitchell (Warwick Liberal Democrats)
Warwick Greens
Tom Davies (RaW and Warwick TV)

This is a regular event in the Warwick political calendar and is always good one, so hope to see you there!

Facebook Event

In short, we hope you currently have a free Thursday evening and, if not, then clearly just cancel whatever it is you’re doing as this one’s gonna be good!

See you soon,

The Exec.

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