Warwick Labour Goes Campaigning: The Final Weekend

Tony and Gordon on the campaign trail
Tony and Gordon on the campaign trail. While we can’t promise ice-cream, we may be able to find all attendees a free cuppa


Well, Tuesday night was bloody fantastic! We have a liberal progressive back in the White House and the backwards, inward-looking GOP has been sent packing. This is kinda like in 2002 when Bill Clinton visited Labour Party conference and remarked that it was “great to visit a country where our guys are still in office”.

Anyway, US election night euphoria aside, we have our own campaigning session for something far less exciting (but clearly just as important) this Saturday. As many of you will know, the PCC elections are on November the 15th. This means that the final weekend of PCC candidates scurrying up and down streets, posting letters and knocking on doors is upon us.

Join us this Saturday when we go campaigning to… well, wherever we’re needed. Like the SAS, we’ll be a crack squad being parachuted (driven) to wherever our unique set of skills are most in demand. Wherever we go, we’ll leave a rose-red trail of broken Conservative dreams behind us.

So please join us in what will be our FINAL big attempt in getting James Plaskitt elected as Warwickshire’s PCC candidate.

Meet at 10:30 on campus to catch a lift. Goodies in the form of food and drinks will be provided. Big campaign days are always a good laugh and it seems the day is bone dry too 🙂

Warwick Labour Exec

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