US Election Night 2012 Spectacular! Yes We Can… Again?

US Election Night 2012

Finally, after almost 2 years of campaigning, it’s here!

In the blue corner, Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

His challenger, in the red corner, Willard Mitt Romney.

This Tuesday night, join Warwick Labour and the other Warwick political societies for a night of tension, victories and hot dogs in the comfortable surroundings of Warwick SU! We’re going to be screening all the election coverage in the SU Atrium from 11pm until the early hours, plus the Bread Oven will be open selling your favourite American junk food, along with the Terrace Bar having special deals on bottles of Bud.

The 2008 election night has gone down in Warwick Labour legend, we expect this one to do the same! So come on down and scream at every state which turns or stays blue (come on Ohio!).

The doors open at 11, however we’ll be in the Duck from earlier. If you can’t find us on the night, drop me a message on 07554344657. Look forward to seeing you soon!

The Exec.

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