Week 5 (aka Reading Week Eve)

Good morning everybody,

First of all, I apologise for the lateness in this week’s update. If I had a decent excuse I’d give it, but as it happens..

Anyway, this week we’re taking things a bit easier, which I reckon is needed after the hectic nature of the first month of term!

1 – Lefty Lattes

2 – NUS Demo

3 – Campaigning

Lefty Lattes

Thursday, 5pm, Piazza

Lefty Lattes

Another week, another Lefty Lattes!
This week we’re tackling a subject which the previous Labour government was consistently accused of refusing to talk about – immigration.
Should the Labour Party decrease immigration to appease to traditional voters, or should the Party continue to recognise the benefits immigration brings to the country?
Everybody has an opinion on this thorny issue, so please come along and have a brew and a chat.
As per, we’ll meet on the Piazza at 5pm on Thursday and then make our way to somewhere to have the discussion; please stop by Curiousitea on the way for a latte 😉
Lefty Lattes will be taking 2 weeks off after this due to reading week (aka half-term) and the PCC elections. So come along now to get your fill!
NUS Demo
Wednesday 21st November, London
A message from Dominic Curran, our Campaigns Officer:
Hello, me again asking you to go on a march…
The Tories are taking an axe to education, attacking students with hikes in fees. Are you going to take it? I didn’t think so.
So join us on the demonstration against these fees and cuts in London on Wednesday the 21st of November organised by the National Union of Students.
Book your coach from either Campus or Leamington from the SU here: http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/9262/
We’ll meet up when we arrive, look out for the big “Warwick Labour” banner if you want to march with us.

Facebook Event


Thanks to everybody who came out to campaign on Saturday morning, it was a great help to the local party. Stay tuned for more campaigning info coming soon 😉

Have a good week everybody and hopefully see you soon!

The Exec.

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