Warwick Labour’s Week 4 Update

Hello all,

I’m not quite sure how it’s happened, but somehow we’ve reached week 4 – I know, it’s crazy, right? We have a really full calendar of events for this week, there really is something for everyone, so hopefully we’ll see you all at some point!

1 – Labour Women Event

2 – Lefty Lattes

3 – Progress “Purple Pages” Launch Event

4 – Campaigning in Leamington!

5 – Warwick Labour Does Theatre

6 – Politics Society Pub Golf

Labour Women Event

Tuesday, 6:00pm, S0.09

Hi girls!!

Warwick Labour is doing a women’s ONLY social Tuesday week 4. It is a chance to meet and greet fellow female progressives and discuss ways we can engage more women in politics. It would be great to get some informal discussions going about why there are so few women involved (or interested) in politics and why it is such a male dominated area.

There will be wine, drinks and nibbles provided.

Anna Chowcat (Warwick SU Postgraduate Officer) will give a short speech on her experience in student politics, and give her insights into how more women can become engaged in the political arena.

I really hope people can make it!

Many thanks,

Jemma Healey

Warwick Labour Women’s and Equalities Officer

Facebook Event

Lefty Lattes

Thursday, 5:00pm, meet on Piazza

Lefty Lattes Week 4

Another week, another Lefty Lattes! This week we’re moving onto something that’s a bit closer to home and affects almost everybody, to some extent or another, in their every day lives.

Saturday saw Ed Miliband get booed at the TUC March against the cuts after he announced that Labour would inherit a delicate economic situation and would have make cuts of its own. Ignoring the obvious economic debate over whether the cuts are even necessary, for sake of argument, if you were sat in Ed Balls’ future office, what would you cut?
Is police funding more important than building new schools? Is Trident more essential than NHS services? Are publicly-funded arts more pertinent than foreign aid?
Come along at 5:00 on Thursday and have a massive debate over what you would, for arguments’ sake, cut if you were in charge of the budget.
As per we’ll meet on the Piazza and then make our way to… somewhere. We haven’t quite figured out where the best location is yet, but please stop by Curiousitea on the way to grab a latte or cup of tea!
If you’re not a member of the Labour Society or even a supporter of the Labour Party come along anyway and let us know what you think. Hope to see you soon!
Facebook Event

Progress “Purple Papers” Launch Event

Friday, 7:00pm, F1.07

Progress Magazine

This Friday we have a special event which all Warwick Labour members are invented along to.
Progress, the New Labour think tank, is coming to campus and, in association with Warwick Labour, is launching a brand new publication called “The Purple Papers”. These are a series of new publications describing what Progress believes should be in Labour’s 2015 manifesto.
There’ll be a number of guest speakers discussing and debating which “real choices” Labour should make in the run up to the next election.
Stewart Wood (Minister Without Portfolio, strategy adviser to Ed Miliband)
Patrick Diamond (Research fellow at Policy Network)
Lynnette Kelly (2015 Parliamentary candidate for Warwick and Leamington)
Jon Weale (2015 Parliamentary candidate for Burton)
The speakers will discuss the ideas put forward by Progress as well as their own thoughts, followed by taking questions from the floor.
This will be a really interesting speaker event and one which all members, whichever side of the party they’re from, should come along to! There will also no doubt be a social afterwards 😉
Hope to see you at F1.07 (that’s just inside the Engineering building, opposite Humanities) at 7:00 on Friday! If anybody gets lost on the day please contact me (Tom) on 07554344657 🙂
(For more info, please see here)
Facebook Event

Campaigning in Leamington!

Saturday morning, meet on Piazza

James Plaskitt for Warwickshire PCC

More details will be coming this week (watch out for a further email and keep an eye on the Facebook group), but in the meantime keep Saturday morning free! We’re going to be going on our first campaigning session to Leamington to help James Plaskitt win the Police & Crime Commissioner election which is happening in a few weeks. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, we’ll be pairing newbies up with seasoned veterans and, even better, everybody who turns up will get a FREE tea or coffee! Can’t say fairer than that.

Warwick Labour Does Theatre (…no, really!)

Thursday, 6:00pm (straight after Lefty Lattes!), SUHQ

Ed Miliband on stage

This idea may have come from a slightly drunken trip to the Duck, but we’re looking into putting on a play! This Thusday we’re having a brain-storming planning session for the discussion of plays that we can edit and perform. All Warwick Labour members and supporters welcome. Simply bring an idea for a play (i.e. existing script without copyright) and we’ll look into how Warwick Labour can go about editing and performing.

Facebook Event

Politics Society Pub Golf

Monday, 6:30pm, meet on the Piazza

And finally (NEARLY THERE!), a quick reminder of tomorrow’s pub golf session organised by our friends in Warwick Politics Society. We’re all going to be there and it should be a great night!

Facebook Event

Phew, that was a long email – well done if you made it this far! See what I mean, that’s absolutely LOADS going on this week so hopefully we’ll see you at an event or two. As per usual, any questions drop us a message and we hope to see you soon!

Lots of Labour love,

The Exec.

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