Week 3: A Leamington Social, Lefty Lattes and a TUC Demo…

Hello all,

If you follow us on Facebook you’ve no doubt had a huge collection of invites from us to various events occurring over the next few weeks – hopefully this post will consolidate all the information about our upcoming events into one place. So, without further ado…

Leamington Social!

Wednesday, 6:30pm

First up, on Wednesday evening we’re heading to Leamington Spa for our first social of the year! The plan is as follows: Lucy, our wonderful Social Secretary, will meet all you lovely campus dwellers on the Piazza at 6:30 to get the bus to Leamington. Everybody who lives outside of The Bubble, come and meet us at 7:00 at Ali’s Golden Cuisine, at the bottom of the Parade. We’ll enjoy a great cheap meal and then head up to Moo Bar for Nana’s Palace, which is always a really great night!

If you’re sitting there thinking “I really want to go, that sounds awesome, but I don’t drink” then don’t worry! We genuinely couldn’t care less about what you’re drinking, so long as you have a great time!

So yes, to conclude, come along, you will have lots of fun, and if you’re a fresher who has not ventured to Leamington Spa yet, worry not, we will look after you! (We’re lovely like that…)

Facebook Event

Lefty Lattes

Thursday, 5:00pm

Lefty Lattes: Week 3

This Thursday we have our second edition of Lefty Lattes and, this week, we’re going uber topical. As you may of heard, the Nobel Peace Prize was recently awarded to the European Union… I know, I thought the same thing when I heard too.

Aside from the fact this is one of the largest cop-outs since Time Magazine awarded the Person of the Year award to “You”, do you reckon the EU is deserving of this award? Does the EU promote peace? Should Britain become more involved in the Union? Is it time

 to hold a referendum and let the people decide?

It’s difficult to find a more contentious issue in modern British politics than that of Europe, so come along to Lefty Lattes this week to enjoy a brew and a discussion of the European “experiment”.

As per usual, we’ll all meet on the Piazza at 5pm before making our way up to the Terrace Bar. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Facebook Event

TUC Demo

Saturday, 7:30am

TUC Demo 2012

On Saturday the Trade Union Congress is having a huge march through London against this Tory government’s austerity and cuts agenda. It will end in a rally with various Labour Party speakers, including leader Ed Miliband. Warwick Labour is heading down and we have a free bus to get us there! If you would like to come along, then please contact our Campaigns Officer, Dominic Curran, on either 07931758623 or at d.e.curran@warwick.ac.uk to reserve your seat on the coach. This will be a great day and, on the last TUC march, Warwick Labour’s banner was featured in the Guardian – so please come down!

Facebook Event

So there we are, this week we have everything from aspirational lattes to a union-organised march – never let it be said we don’t hold varied events. I’m sure we’ll see you at one of our events this week so, until then, have a great week and hope to see you soon!

The Exec.

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