“A New Dawn Has Broken, Has It Not?”

Vote Labour
Vote Labour! Look out for great campaigning sessions with Warwick Labour next year

The above quite easily goes down as one of my favourite political soundbites, and indeed one of the cheesiest, of recent times: the hope that it epitomised on that hazy morning back in the glorious summer of 1997 does not need to be explained. Indeed, I have pulled it out on many occasions, not least on this website, to illustrate a changing of era and a new beginning.

The beauty of a university Labour club is that every incoming President can quite easily boost his ego by claiming that the coming year will be the greatest yet and that, through the hard work and dedication of its loyal members, the relevant campuses up and down this green and pleasant land will be transformed into wonderful socialist utopias. Now my ego isn’t nearly large enough to declare that Warwick Labour can achieve anything like this – I mean, for one, come on, we have WBS on our campus and we’re one of the most privately-invested “public” universities in the country – however, I’m really hopeful that next year is going to be a great year for our society and all our members!

Since our reformation in 2007 we have quickly become one of the largest political societies on campus, regularly holding great, well-attended events, with popular speakers and intriguing debate, not to mention we’ve created a whole host of Warwick Labour traditions, usually in the form of socials. Next year, this isn’t going to change! Look out for a whole series of great speakers from right across the Labour movement, down to student-run debates on the latest political developments and the theoretical side of politics, too. We’re going to enjoy regular “Comrades and Cuppas” sessions which, quite literally, involve enjoying a cup of coffee (or other hot beverage of your choice) and discussing a certain political topic, in addition to great regular socials ranging from bar crawls around Leamington, to movie nights (with a political twist, of course!). And, of course, we’ll have regular campaigning sessions, both on campus for pertinent issues, and in the surrounding areas, for PCC elections and the locals in May 2013. If you’ve never canvassed before, don’t worry, there’s never a better time to start!

On top of all that, we have many other exciting developments lined up for the new year which I don’t want to give away just yet! Needless to say, I’m certain that next year is going to be a fantastic one for our society and if you’re just getting ready to come to Warwick in October (best of luck with results!) or if you’re a seasoned veteran of our campus, I look forward to seeing you all back at a Warwick Labour event next year!


Thomas Messenger

President of Warwick Labour

1 thought on ““A New Dawn Has Broken, Has It Not?”

  1. Great enthusing message, Tom! Am very excited to join Warwick Labour come October! Looking forward to a great year of political struggle (and hopefully victories) for the Democratic Left.

    Yours in Solidarity,

    Miguel Costa Matos
    PPE Fresher 2012/2013
    National Socialist Highschool Students Coordinator, JS Portugal

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