The New Generation For Change (aka our 2012 AGM)

Hello everybody,
Welcome to, drumroll please… WEEK 9. Yes, I know I start every message by announcing how shocked I am about how quick this week/term/year has gone in, but seriously, WEEK 9… WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!
Answers on a postcard, please.
Anyway, there’s a lot to get through in this newsletter, so pull up a seat and fix yourself a drink.
Warwick Labour’s AGM + Exec Elections
First up, our Annual General Meeting! Our exec elections for next year are taking place this Thursday from 5pm in SUHQ (exact room, TBC). If you still haven’t nominated yourself for a position, then there is still time. More details on the Facebook event, but if you come to one Labour event this year, make it this one. This is your chance to decide the direction the society takes for the following year: if you have some beef, come and let it be known!
That’s this Thursday, at 5pm in SUHQ.

London Road Trip
Right, I’ve got some more details for you on our London road trip to help out our friend, Ken Livingstone. There’s full details on the Facebook event, but here are the extra specifics in a nutshell:
– This is going to be awesome, please consider coming along to help out Ken, meet other young Labour supporters and hang out with your fellow Warwick Labour-ites. Everybody is welcome!
– If you’re planning on coming, we need confirmation and a deposit of £7 by this Friday at the absolute latest. If you’re coming to the AGM on Thursday, then that’s a great oppourtunity to hand the deposit in.
– Accomodation is going to be provided for courtesy of Redbridge Labour and it’s going to be nice! Again, see Facebook event for more details.
– The minibus pick up will be on the Sunday morning at 8:30am from campus, and 9am from the church in Leamington.
All the other details are on the Facebook event, but please do consider coming along!
Shadow Cabinet Visit

Just another reminder about the shadow cabinet visit on Friday, March 16th. This is an extraordinary event and we’re currently in the process of trying to secure some special Warwick Labour time with some key players away from the main conference. Attendance is FREE and, as usual, more details on Facebook, but this really is going to be on the best (intellectual) Warwick Labour events in a long time.
US Death Penalty Event
And finally here’s a quick extra event which may be of interest to our members (I certainly think it looks good):
This Friday 9th March (Week 9) there is an exciting event on the subject of Capital Punishment in America. The event will be held in Room H0.52 from 4-6pm.
Representing the charity Reprieve ( will be David Sellwood, who is involved in the charity’s pioneering ‘EC Project’ which provides assistance to inmates in the U.S. specifically with links to EU countries.
The second speaker is Dr Jon Yorke who is a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Expert Group on the Death Penalty with extensive knowledge of capital punishment in the U.S.
The talks will be both interactive and engaging with the speakers drawing on their wealth of experience to highlight some of the most interesting aspects of the death penalty process in the 21st century. Following this there will be a question and answer session where both the speakers will take time to answer your questions.
Prior knowledge of capital punishment issues or the law in general is not necessary as the content of the talks will be tailored to a universal audience!
For further information/queries please contact Steve Hare at
So, that’s Friday 9th March at 4-6pm in H0.52 – we look forward to seeing you all there!
And, I think that’s about it. Just to recap:
Thursday 8th: Warwick Labour AGM
Friday 9th: London deposit due / Reprieve event
Friday 16th: Shadow cabinet visit
Sunday 18th – Thursday 22nd: London trip!
I hope to see you at some point this week and thanks for lasting through the entire email! Until Thursday’s AGM…
Warwick Labour.

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