Warwick Labour’s Week 5 Update

Morning everybody,

Given that it’s now Tuesday morning, I do realise we’re a bit late to the game, but welcome to week 5! The smell of reading week is truely in the air and Warwick Labour has a packed week of events to take us through to the end of this half of the term.

Warwick Question Time

Alastair Campbell on Question Time, January 2010First up, is Warwick Question Time on Wednesday at 6pm in MS.02 – if you’ve been to a Warwick Question Time before, you’ll know the drill by now, if you haven’t then come along, support the Labour candidate and applaud at everything you even slighly agree with. Inevitably there will be the customary trip to the Duck afterwards.


Chris Byrant MP

Chris Bryant MPOn Thursday at 5:30pm in R2.41, we’re taking a break with our normal Thursday proceedings, to present a talk by Chris Bryant MP. Chris has been the Labour MP for Rhonnda since entering Parliament in 2001, plus is the former Minister for Europe and once worked with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Chris will be talking on a variety of issues affecting modern politics and the Labour party with the same exciting and enthusiastic voice that he has always maintained in the UK political discussion.

From Europe to foreign affairs, AV to immigration, Chris has been at the cutting edge of political debates and his invaluable experience and knowledge will provide a brilliant insight. Chris is also a prominent spokesperson on LGBT issues within the Labour Party.

All members and friends are welcome!


Also, please note that this week’s Comrades & Cuppas talk has been CANCELLED. So if you’re a Southern Softy or are full of Northern Pride, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few weeks before arguing whether any part of the country should devolve.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you soon! Just before I leave and go on to do some actual degree work (shock! horror!), let me leave you with this great interview with the one and only Ed Miliband: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSbH-UatMII

Warwick Labour.

PS – As per usual, any spelling mistakes are the fault of IT Services for not having Chrome on the library computers.

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