Term 2: Things Can Only Get Better

A very warm welcome back to all our members for the new Warwick term!

Warwick Labour has a tonne of brilliant events lined up for the term, as well as a number of great opportunities to get involved in the society.

So what’s happening this week and next?

First up, on Friday we’re taking part in the Politics Society’s Political Circle, followed by a night at Top B. Provisionally, we are to meet in the Dirty Duck beforehand at 7:00 (though keep an eye on the Facebook page in case this changes), before heading down to the Circle at 8. It’s sure to be a great night and a brilliant start to the new term of Warwick Labour.


Following the frivolities of the night before, on Saturday morning (yes, you’d better get up), we’re off for a spot of campaiging in Coventry. More details will be announced soon via email and the Facebook page, so keep an eye out. Our fearless leader, Bobby Jones, is adament that nothing works quite as well campaiging as a hangover cure…

On Sunday we rest, then on Monday we have the Refresher’s Fair! This is basically a rehash of the October Fresher’s Fair, in an effort to encourage more members to sign up. As such, we’re looking for people who are willing to help man the stall on the day. For more info, reply to this message and we’d appreciate any help at all. It’s a great opportunity to get some experience encouraging fellow students to join a society: a great trait if you’re thinking of running for an exec position with us or any other society.

That’s just about it for the near future, but never fear, we have plenty more events lined up for the term, from guest talks (Chris Bryant MP has assured us he is actually going to turn up this time), to our AGM (that’s “Annual General Meeting” for those who don’t speak societylish) when will elect our new exec.

And, on that note, if you’re looking to get involved in the running of the society right now, we’re searching for a new Secretary! There’s more info on this exec role on the website here: https://warwicklabour.org/about/elections/. If you’re interested in getting involved, please send an email to warwicklabour@warwicksu.com and we’ll be in touch soon.

Finally, that’s just about it – if you have made it this far, you seriously deserve a prize… or an exec position, *hint* *hint* secretary 😉

Hope to see you at some point over the next week,

Warwick Labour.

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