Your new Warwick Labour exec!

Ed MilibandIf you’re starting Warwick in a few weeks or returning for a new year, no doubt one of your top priorities is to find out what Warwick Labour has in store for the first few weeks of term. Fear not, our events page has been updated with the latest information, plus more will be added in the coming weeks. Of course check us out at the Fresher’s Fair to get a copy of our term card with full details of all our events and campaigns!

5th October – Societies Fair

This is your starting point. Come and find us in the Societies Fair to get more information about Warwick Labour, our people and our events. There’ll be some free stuff to do, so it’s definitely worth coming to check us out!

Head to the Copper Rooms in the SU and find us on the display map outside the entrance.

6th October – Warwick Labour Fresher’s Reception

You’ve been to the Societies fair, you’re just about settled into your halls and you’ve even had to start your course. Now, come and attend your first society meeting! Details are still TBC, but there’ll be a guest speaker, free booze and good company.

That’s Thursday of Week 1.

Fresher's Reception 2010 with Mike Gapes MPFresher’s Reception 2010 with Mike Gapes MP

7th October – Warwick Cross Party Political Social

Not sure which colour to affiliate yourself with? Come along to the independent Politics Society’s cross political social on Friday of Week 1, where members of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Tories and others will be hanging out together.

Facebook Event

13th October – Warwick Question Time

Question Time with Alastair CampbellIt’s become a regular event in the Warwick SU political calendar: our very own version of Question Time, just minus  David Dimbleby.

It’s been a busy summer: The Murdoch Empire humbled; supposed near economic collapse in the financial markets; apparent social collapse with riots across England and now the collapse of the Gaddafi regime.

Against this backdrop there’ll be representatives of Warwick Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives and Libertarians (plus maybe a few others!) to debate in the first Warwick Question Time of the year!

Everyone’s welcome to attend. If you have an interest in politics or current affairs please come along, the event will most likely be followed up with a trip to the Dirty Duck too.

That’s Thursday of Week 2.

Facebook Event

More details of our events will be posted up soon, we look forward to seeing you (back?) at Warwick!

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