Warwick Labour goes to Labour Conference 2011

This September come and have one last break before term starts and join your comrades from Warwick Labour at the national conference at Liverpool.

It will be running Sunday 25th Sept to Thursday 29th. (You dont have to come for the whole thing!)

For those that have never been before conference is great fun and a real bargain. If you stick with us you will find free breakfast, lunch, dinner and alcohol at the numerous fringe events.

Why not get drunk for FREE at the Labour Students disco and dance the night away with former Cabinet Ministers? (Not an exaggeration)

Conference costs about £45 and you can apply here:


Warwick Labour has already organised 3 flats with 15 Warwick Labourites and Friends of Warwick Labour including:

James Entwistle
Sophie Bryce
Ben Jones
Anna Chowcat
Rory Kinane
Helen Kendall
Baris Yerli
Yvonne Kay
Kieren Mollison

Liverpool is a great night out and if you come along you are sure to have a good time whether you are after stimulating political conversation, the chance to meet top party folk, a great night our or all of the above 🙂

We are also looking into the possibility of getting another flat for the ‘overflow’ of people still interested. 

SO please get in touch if you are interested in this and PLEASE let us know if you are going anyway so we can all stay in touch and help each other find the best fringe events. 

See you there! 
Baris Yerli

Facebook Event

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