Term 3, Weeks 4-5: The Wedding of the Year

Ed Miliband at the Royal WeddingThe essays are done; the exams are looming. Granted, this isn’t the most pleasant time of year for most people. That is if your name isn’t Ed Miliband, whom is tieing the knot on Friday 27th May. To celebrate/act-as-an-excuse-to-procrastinate, Warwick Labour has a couple of events lined up.

Firstly, this Saturday 21st May: Since none of us were invited to the real one, and we’re a little bitter about it, we’re holding a stag do in our Ed’s name! To keep things simple, we having a curry night social starting at Millenium Balti, Leamington Spa. It’s the one on Bath Street, round the corner from Kelsey’s and down the road from Robbin’s Well. U1 leaves campus at 20.10 and 12 at either 19.22 to 20.07, depends on when you want to get there; if anybody is coming early let us know.

Bring friends and new members and there’ll no doubt be drinks around Leamington afterwards.

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=213051975382164

Secondly, in celebration of the biggest wedding of the year, Warwick Labour will be holding their annual party BBQ on Friday May 27th.

All welcome, for an afternoon of fun and frivolities, and unless we can force the union to play the wedding in the Atrium, bring booze and food to the fields behind Arthur Vick, for a relaxing afternoon. Bring friends and anybody else, the more the merrier, and BBQs will be provided with facilities for vegetarians (as in, a separate fire).

You don’t even need to wear tails to this event, just bring yourselves!

Can someone bring: a frisbee, a football and any other items necessary for this to work.

Be there or be . . . a growth denier!

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=102417093182177

Finally, watch out soon for a relaxed, regular social known as Comrades and a Cuppa! Simply, a chance to get together with fellow politicos and engage in discussion/debates/arguments/fights (delete as appropriate). In addition, we’ll have guest speakers and, hopefully, a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. More details for these over the coming weeks, but this is a great oppurtunity to relax with some nice tea and politics. And, really, what else do people need in their lives?

Thomas Messenger.

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