Term 3, Week 2: Vote 2011!

As you are all no doubt aware tomorrow is polling day and, as such, Warwick Labour has a full day of campaigning organised! Obviously, I know people have exams to revise for and so on, but it would be great to get as many people out for even just an hour or so. This is just a quick message to remind you all of what we have planned.

Campaigning is been organised from 6am – 10pm by the CLP in Leamington but, obviously, 6am is a touch too optimistic for the vast majority of us. As such, if you’re coming from campus, then we shall be meeting at the Arts Centre bus stop at 10am to head to Leamington. When there, we shall be descending on the Clarendon campaign office at 23 Leicester Street, CV32 HTF (01926 832 008) to collect our orders. There is also a second campaign office for the Crown ward at Granborough Court, Lillington, CV32 7NL (01926 885 116) for those who would prefer to campaign there.
If you’d like to come along but would prefer to start earlier/later then feel free to head to one of the campaign offices to receive instructions for the day! Obviously feel free to do as much or as little as you like!

In addition, we will no doubt have some form of a celebration tomorrow evening which, as of yet, is still TBC. Details will be passed around whilst campaigning tomorrow, plus I’ll get another message out to you all.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!
Thomas Messenger.

Disclaimer: Warwick Labour has no official position on the AV referendum, so if you would prefer to campaign for/against that feel free to do so but in a personal capacity.

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