Term 3, Week 1: Campaigning with Warwick Labour

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Fun, frolicks and campaigning!

As you should all be aware, in a week’s time there will be local council elections (alongside assembly and Scottish parliament elections, alongside the AV referendum), whilst all of us are busy to some degree or another with essays, revision and exams, these results are very important for local government and the perception and position of the party nationally. Not just for media perceptions but also for our activist base whenever the next election comes around. Their importance cannot be stressed nearly enough!

Therefore your lovely student Labour group has organised a series of campaign events of varying lengths and difficulty. We fully understand that you won’t go to all these events. However, given the variety of choice and relative ease of some of them (phone canvassing having the best return for little effort) it is hoped that you can at least turn up to SOMETHING!

Friday 29th – This is the easy one, phone canvassing in Coventry from Transport House. This involves calling voters to find out how they intend to vote and is not at all challenging but very important; Coventry is generally Labour, so this is perfect for the first time campaigner. We shall be meeting at the Arts Centre bus stop at 13:15 to get the 12 to Coventry and Transport House, phone canvassing for an hour and then back home for tea and biscuits! (not provided…)

Saturday 30th – Canvassing in Warwick West, face to face engagement with the lovely voters, slightly more trying but very rewarding and worthwhile. We will be at it from 11 until 2 when we will probably do something nice in Leamington. From campus meet us at 9:55 at the Arts Centre bus stop to catch the 10:02 number 16 bus to Stratford Road (3rd stop after Warwick bus station). If you’re coming from Leamington, get the quarter hourly X17 to Shakespeare Avenue. We will be meeting at CV34 6JR on Shakespeare Avenue.

Tuesday 3rd – Leafletting and postering our very own campus; couldn’t be easier. Meeting on the Piazza at 3 to be broken up into small groups for an hour’s work. Later in the day we will be having our REUNION DRINKS at the Terrace Bar alongside the “Rock the Vote” event which comes after the AV debate (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=159935670732457 ). Labour drinks and argues better than everyone else so our absence would be a great shame and it is the perfect opportunity to meet up with comrades you haven’t yet seen this term/at all.

Wednesday 4th – Back in Coventry for real canvassing. Again meet at 13:15 at the Arts Centre to catch the 12 into Coventry, then to Transport House to get transport to the wards we will be canvassing in for an hour, then back home (with likely pub diversion for the eagre). Again, Coventry is quite friendly so this will be good useful fun.

THURSDAY 5TH – the big one; get out the vote in Leamington. Around the clock campaigning from 6-10 is being organised by the CLP. However, I wouldn’t get out of bed at 6 to save my own grandmother from a blazing inferno (this is not true, I would, but still… I’d have a face on) so we shall be meeting on campus at 10 to get the next prompt bus to Leamington and descending on Clarendon campaign office, which is 23 Leicester Street CV32 HTF (01926 832 008) to collect our orders. There is a second campaign office for Crown ward at Granborough Court, Lillington, CV32 7NL (01926 885 116) for those who would prefer to campaign there. As I said activities will commence at 6 and I warmly applaud those who wish to start then or slightly later without us, just go to one of the above offices. Obviously we shall be stopping for lunch but basically finish when you like.

So this was a very long post and well done if you got this far without dying. There are facebook events for all of these events that can be found at Warwick Labour (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=27724477552), if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact any of the exec members, especially myself and campaigns officer Helen. My number is 07922297981.

For those pining after AV stuff we don’t endorse or organise on such things and you will have to hunt their campaign things out yourselves.

To misquote the illustrious Lord Mandelson “we cannot do everything as a society, but that does not mean doing nothing!!!”

yours, Ben Jones, co-president (feints of email+essay writing exhasution)

Edited for grammar by Thomas Messenger (Alastair Campbell-wannabe)

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