Warwick Labour’s New Generation

“A new generation has taken charge of Warwick Labour”

Back in early March, Warwick Labour nominated its new executive committee, in time for the final term and the upcoming, new academic year. The handover is complete, find the complete list of the new exec below.

So, what does Warwick Labour have in the pipeline? If you fellow comrades cannot wait to get back on the campaign trail back at Warwick, then come and join us for a wee spot of canvassing in sunny Welsh-land.

As you will all be well aware elections (both regional and national) are looming large on our collective horizon. Thus it was thought prudent/fun that we head down into the valleys and do some campaigning in the Cardiff north assembly seat as this is an important pick up opportunity taken by the Tories in 2007 (those who were not small children will remember this as not a particularly happy time for us) but previously held by Labour (and in a Westminster constituency they only just won, so fertile ground).

At present the plan is to meet on the 15th April, so if you feel like coming along (and we really need the numbers) drop a comment below, on the Facebook group, or send Ben Jones (our Welshman in residence) an email. Once we have a rough estimate of numbers we can make arrangements for appropriate accomodation.

Aside from that, more information will be released soon concerning our plans for term 3 and the upcoming year. Plus, over the Summer months, look out for Warwick Labour gaining a brand new online presence with a new look website with new content.

That’s all for now, so in the words of our fearless leader…

“There is a defining difference between us and David Cameron…. and that is optimism.
We are the heirs to an extraordinary tradition, to great leaders who were above all the optimists of history.
The optimism of 1945 which built the National Health Service and the welfare state.
The optimism of Harold Wilson and the white heat of technology and the great social reforms of that government.
The optimism of Tony and Gordon who took on the established thinking and reshaped our country.
We are the optimists in politics today.”

Warwick Labour’s New Executive Committee


Ben Jones and Kieren Mollison

Vice-President and Social Secretary & Trips

James Anthony Entwistle-Wilkinson


Tom Knowles


Alec Stratton-Lake


Helen Kendall

Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Alex Torzewski

Press Officer

Thomas Messenger

Committee Members

Aidan Hocking

Jasper Pearce

Lucy White

Michael Smidman

Headache Causer in Chief

Baris Yerli




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