Festivals For Free With Warwick Labour


Our friends in Coventry Labour Party have emailed me asking whether people are interested in the following festivals. Last year I used the precedent of first come first served (paid members will be given preference over those members only on the Facebook page. To alumni, we’ll let you off this time!).

For those who haven’t a clue what Workers’ Beer Company does, here is a low-down; essentially it is a company that will pay campaigning organisations for the labour we carry out at the bars of the respective festivals and we at Warwick Labour get the money (still waiting out for last year’s cheque from Coventry Labour Party but I swear the wretched finance office has lost it!).

What is expected from you? Your good self to turn up, do one 6 hour shift a day. What do you get from it? A decent campsite, electric showers and toilets, own workers bar, access all areas pass, electricity points and you get to spend time with your comrades from Warwick Labour!

Here are the places we’ve been allocated with added stories where necessary:

– Glastonbury**, 21st June (arrive on site) – 26th June (I assume, no end dates have been given but from last year we usually duck out on the last day). SIX POSITIONS AVAILABLE, because “R.Tressler has dibs two of them”, not my decision, blame Coventry Labour party.

– Hope Farm , 1st July – 2nd July, EIGHT POSITIONS AVAILABLE

– Latitude**, 14th July – 17th July, EIGHT POSITIONS AVAILABLE

– Reading, 24th August – 26th August, EIGHT POSITIONS AVAILABLE

– Leeds, 24th August – 26th August, FOUR POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Once again due to the above person dibsing four places. Which is quite a shame as Leeds is actually where the fun is had, however comrades a hardcore group may go here and I am willing to be one of that group!

Now, read carefully. If you wish to attend any of the above festivals you must e-mail me. This can be done by e-mailing b [dot] yerli[at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk  with the following details to avoid future problems:

• Passport photo of you (cropped photos with face showing work)
• Date of birth
• Home address
• Contact details, this must include mobile and e-mail address
• Which of the above place(s) you wish to go

DEADLINES ARE AS FOLLOWS: **for Glastonbury & Latitude the deadline for bids emailed to me is 7th April noon. For remaining festivals 14th April.
Further details will be released closer to the dates.

I hope your holidays are going well and looking forward to seeing you in Cardiff soon!


Baris Yerli
Chief stress-maker

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