Labour Students National Council & Notice of Meeting

Hey all,

Firstly, Warwick Labour hopes you all had a good Christmas break and are looking forward to what we’ve got lined up in 2011.

Just a quick reminder about our first event on Thursday 13th where we invite you to introduce a friend to Warwick Labour. It will be from 7.30 to 8.30 in MR6 (which is in SUHQ), before undoubtedly moving into the Dirty Duck for a few drinks.

This weeks meeting will be an informal discussion: AV or not to AV? Agree with AV? Die-hard PR supporter? Or does First Past The Post come firmly ahead of all? Or, you may not give a monkey’s. What ever your view, come along and let’s hear it!

Next, we have information about the Labour Students National Conference which will be held this year in conjunction with the Labour Party Youth Conference, in Glasgow on 12th and 13th of February. Accommodation can be provided for both the Friday and Saturday night.

As a Labour Club we get to submit motions and send some delegates to National Conference, which is a good chance to get more involved with Labour Students and make some new Labour Party friends. There will be debates over motions, decisions on policy, elections for National Officers and Committee, and some brilliant speakers as well.

Here’s more detailed information about the Elections and Policy Making that goes on at National Conference:

Important Information about Elections at National Conference

There will be a number of elections at National Conference which are detailed below. Only members from affiliated Labour Clubs are eligible to stand in these elections.

There will be hustings organised for these elections where you can put your questions to candidates, details of which will be emailed out soon.

Positions coming up for election:

Full time:

National Chair

National Secretary

Campaigns and Membership Officer

(At least one full time officer must be a woman)

Part time:

Vice Chair (Events and Communications)

Vice Chair (Campaigns and Policy)

(At least one of the Vice Chairs must be a woman.)

International Officer

11 Regional Coordinators

(At least five of whom must be women)

Manifesto length information:

Up to eight sides for Full Time candidates.

Up to four sides for named positions (Vice Chairs & International Officer).

Up to two sides for Regional Coordinators.

All candidates must declare their intention to stand by midday on 14thJanuary by mailing

Important Information about Policy Making

Affiliated Labour clubs are also entitled to submit one motion in each of the three policy zones:

Labour Students Internal Policy (constitutional policy)

Labour Students in the National Union of Students

Labour Party National Policy Forum

Motions should be no longer than two pages long and must be submitted by midday on 21st January to A document containing all motions submitted by the deadline will then be distributed to Labour Club chairs.

Labour Clubs will then be able to make amendments to motions. These must be submitted to by midday on 4th February. A final motions document will be distributed to club chairs after this deadline. If you do not know which zone your motion falls into, Labour Students Steering Committee will make this decision.

Delegates from Labour Clubs who propose motions or amendments will be asked to give a proposing speech at National Council.

Timetable for National Conference:

Tuesday 4th January Opening date for submission of motions to National Conference
Friday 14th January (midday) Deadline for intention to stand for 

elections at National Conference

Friday 21st January (midday) Deadline for manifestos of candidates standing for election at National Conference. 

Deadline for motions.

Motions and manifestos should be emailed to by midday on this day.

24th January – 4th February Hustings & nominations from Labour Clubs. 

Amendments to motions.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th Labour Students & Youth Conference, Glasgow.

That’s quite a long first post for 2011, but hopefully if you’re interested in National Conference this information is some help. Any more questions just drop us an email and we will hopefully see you at an event soon

The Exec


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