NUS/UCU Demonstration & Week 6 Activities

Hey all,

I am currently in Grantham at Labour Students Political Weekend, managed to get a few minutes aside to inform you of a couple of things.

1. The demonstration this week.

For those who wish to stick together as Warwick Labour en route and throughout the demonstration could you e-mail me your name and student card number so I can have us arranged a specific coach and I know roughly how many are with us. Could you please do this ASAP otherwise Sean will eat a small kitten (no lie).

2. This week’s social.

Since it is reading week and many of you might not be, could I also have in your above e-mail included if you are knocking about for Thursday evening? I am thinking of sorting a quiet night in social round mine (or one of the exec’s HINT HINT).

3. Labour Students Political Weekend

This place is amazing, we are staying on grounds owned by the NUT but it looks like an Oxford college. Aside from that you guys, if you haven’t already, should join Labour Students otherwise you can’t come on weekends such as this. Do so by joining online or dropping Danny Adilypour an e-mail. The next event is Labour Students National Council in London which is a bit subdued but the first democratic event we hold in the academic year.

Now off to meet Yvette Cooper! (yesterday Margaret Beckett was here)


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