Week Five!


We’re almost half-way through term one already! Madness!

Thanks to everyone who has canvassed so far – the response has been great, and the numbers of contacts we’re getting through is fantastic! It’s also good to know we’ve got James Plaskitt rather than Liam Bently standing in for the seat! (Uhoh, a ‘The Thick of It’ reference, do watch it if you get the chance! Another gem from it: ‘Leamington Spa, my favourite spa town, apart from all the others…’)

However, such national ridicule of one of our favourite student towns here at Warwick Labour won’t put us off! For we’re planning on going out and campaigning very shortly indeed!

We have TWO slots of phone canvassing this week, MONDAY (tomorrow) and WEDNESDAY, both from 6-8pm. Sign up photos will be on the facebook shortly, find Mathew Rees’s profile, and tag yourself in if you’re interested!

We also have a MEETING to discuss what’s going to be happening in the next half of the term on THURSDAY!

For EXEC this meeting takes place from 5pm, for everyone else, it shall be on at 6pm – in Social Sciences S0.10!

After this meeting we shall be crawling around campus kitchens, if anyone has a spare one and would like to join us for an evening of fun around campus (and to see what actually happens in Redfern!) follow us along! Come to the meeting and we’ll go from there!

As ever, if you have any questions/queries/comments or suggestions, drop me a line either over facebook or email su210@sunion.warwick.ac.uk Simplez!

All the best!



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