Week 4 and 5 Update!

Hey all!

Fantastic response so far to this week’s phone canvassing, yesterday was a great success, and we have two more slots this week – Wednesday and Friday, sign up by tagging yourself to a photo here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php

There’ll be two more slots to sign up for which are taking place next week on Tuesday and Thursday: again, same time, same place! Watch this space!

In case you haven’t done it before, worry not, you’ll get trained by one of us exeperienced with it, it’s really simple, and once you’ve made your first call it’s really good fun!

Okay, so that’s campaigning, here comes the social!

WEEK 5: Thursday – meeting and social on campus, provisionally in R0.14 at 6pm (where we have met before) – an update shall come soon with the correct room number!

We’ll have a meeting about campaigning matters before heading to Varsity, then going to various kitchens and the Dirty Duck!

Hopefully see as many of you guys there as possible!

Then it’s Reading week, so we’ve not got much happening except maybe an event on the Thursday (week 12)

That was a loooong message, hopefully it was informative!

See you all soon,



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